Personal Branding Course (2nd edition)

Start: 19 September 2019
Duration: 30h
Schedule: Tuesday MORNINGS from 9:30 to 14.30 h (6 sessions)
Location: Espai 114 – C/Francesc Layret 114, Badalona

Course objectives

General objectives

  • Understand the responsibilities of having a personal or business brand as a key in the new structure of organizations.
  • Take advantage of the “branding” phenomenon to position itself in the labour market.
  • To know the advantages of having a personal brand connected to the business brand as a strategy of organizations versus other traditional formats.
  • How to improve creativity.

Specific objectives

  • Know the different models of personal branding that best suit oneself and your organization.
  • Master the QCIP (Personal Balanced Scorecardl) for a good implantation of the PDAD (plan – Deploy – Act – challenge).
  • Analyse market trends in brands for self-learning and reputation improvement.
  • To learn the basic tools for creating and managing personal and business branding in products or services.
  • Identify the keys to the differentiation and uniqueness of the brand itself: competence of learning to learn, competence of autonomy and personal initiative and social competence.

Course content

1. Business Brand & Personal brand.

1.1. Concept and evolution of trademarks.

1.2. Cases of success and failure.

1.3. Market trends.

1.4. Mission, values and brand roles

2. Tools to build a corporate brand.

2.1. Keys to uniqueness and differentiation.

2.2. Confidence Generation Factors.

2.3. Neuro-marketing-from traditional tools to Tools 2.0.

3. Brand Digital marketing Strategy “.

3.1. Action Plan. R & D in the CDC (we connect, we develop, share).

3.2. Marketing.

3.3. Responsibility, values and objectives.

3.4. Creativity.

3.5. Competition analysis.

4. Personal Branding.

4.1. DAFO staff.

4.2. Creation of the QCIP.

4.3. Implementation of the PDAD.

4.4. Strategic Branding.

4.5. Personal Branding and labour market.

Trainer: Anouk Suñer-Rabaud

Executive Coach ACC accredited by ICF, Master-Practitioner and NLP trainer certified by AEPNL, I have 10 years of experience as a trainer in personal development, creativity and communication.

In my previous professional experience dedicated to advertising creativity, I was a professor of Creativity at the Blanquerna Faculty, as well as tutor and coordinator of the postgraduate course in Advertising Production. I headed for over 20 years groups of creatives in agencies. I am the author of a MOOC of creative and lateral thinking.

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