Company and professional activities domiciliation

Domiciliate your company with us for 30 € + VAT monthly.

Domiciling your company in Espai114 gives you many advantages. You will be domiciled in a prestigious address in the center of Badalona, giving your business the image, seriousness and confidence you want to project.

If you wish, també́ manage mandatory electronic notifications of Hacienda, Seguridad Social through our virtual office *.

When you domiciliate your company in our Business Center you will have a 1 hour free of charge monthly use of the meeting room.

In addition we can help you to give more visibility to your brand through the screens of our Business Center and our website.

Are you constituting a society and need a tax address? Do you know what the social address is? Visit our Blog! .

Badalona Espai114 centre de negocis business center