Team Leadership Course

Start date: September 26, 2019
Duration: 30h
Schedule: Thursday from 18h to 21h (10 sessions)
Location: Espai 114 – C/Francesc Layret 114, Badalona

Course objectives

Overall objectives

  • Incorporate learnings of new ways of being.
  • Produce a change in the way we look at situations to declare opportunities.
  • Act on what you want to achieve, promoting commitments to the results, separating from explanations.

Specific goals

  • Lead teams with awareness and self-control.
  • Know how to define and identify leadership situations.
  • Define goals for a group that needs to lead.
  • Incorporate motivational tools into team leadership
  • Incorporate technical group leadership in conflict negotiation.

Course content

1. Lead yourself to be able to guide others.

1.1. Leadership. The role of the leader.

1.2. Leadership styles.

1.3. Social skills and competencies of the leader.

1.4. Leadership management. Decision-making.

1.5. Emotional self-control and team motivation.

1.6. Coaching as a leadership style.

1.7. Leadership 2.0.

2. Previous goals for a leader.

2.1. Definition of personal goals.

2.2. Definition of the objectives of the team.

3. Self-motivation to motivate.

3.1. Be positive.

3.2. Be objective.

3.3. Love yourself.

3.4. Take on problems.

3.5. Do not demand the maximum.

3.6. Make goals achievable.

3.7. Don’t be afraid of failure.

3.8. Physically accept.

3.9. Don’t leave things for tomorrow.

3.10. Give importance to the little things in life.

3.11. Seek support.

4. Leadership in the company.

4.1. Charisma.

4.2. Organization.

4.3. Communicator.

4.4. Enthusiastic.

4.5. Decisive.

4.6. Discipline.

4.7. Creative.

4.8. Negotiator.

4.9. Honest.

5. Dispute resolution in the company.

Trainer: Carme Jimenez

Personal, executive and team ACC coach, accredited by ICF. Personal and corporate image consultant. Trainer specialized in Soft Skills and personal development. Certified facilitator of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY™ methodology. Entrepreneurial.

For 9 years, I have been accompanying people in processes of personal or professional change, and helping them to improve their communication through the image they transmit.

Among my most relevant interventions I can cite organizations such as: Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, IED-European Design Institute, Barcelona Activa – Escuela de Competencias, Sabateries Casas, Akademia, among others…

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