Create your hybrid event in our space room 114

The crisis generated by the pandemic has meant a major change in the dynamics of meetings and events. The slow recovery of the sector has caused many companies to look for various alternatives to continue developing events safely.

It is clear that face-to-face meetings will not disappear, as human interaction is very important for exchanging knowledge. It is for this reason that the best option currently is hybrid events, which are held virtually and in person at the same time.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is one that takes place in a physical location, with limited capacity and, at the same time, another part of the audience attends online.

This format is very useful when some attendees cannot attend in person.



Advantages of hybrid events

1. Online attendance allows us to get real-time feedback from participants, providing relevant information such as exact numbers of attendance, degree of interest, time spent in the room, percentage of interaction, etc. Which allows the organizers to make strategic decisions about the development of the event itself.


2. In this type of event, the costs are lower than the fully face-to-face ones, since a large part of the costs of travel, hotels, transport, catering, etc. are dispensed with.


3. It allows you to get a wider audience, since the virtual option can reach a larger volume of people.


4. This format is more friendly for the new generations, they are already more common at online events.




Now that you know what hybrid events are and what their benefits are, do you think they fit your business? If the answer is positive, La Sala d’Espai 114 is at your disposal so that you can hold your events, both hybrid and face-to-face.

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You may have heard of Mailchimp before, but do you really know how it works? It is a digital tool in which you can design, send and analyze the results of an email marketing campaign.

With Mailchimp you can design from scratch and send a newsletter. In addition, you can analyze the impact of your mailing and track the activity of your subscribers. Creating an account on this platform is completely free, and with this rate you can make more than 10,000 shipments per month.

Getting started with Mailchimp

Once you have created your account on the platform, you will have to add your database. Mailchimp offers you different ways to import the contact data you have about your customers: first name, last name, email… If you don’t have a contact list as such, you can always create one from scratch in Mailchimp and add your contacts one by one.

With the contact list imported, you can start designing your campaign. The platform allows you to build your newsletter using a very intuitive tool in which you can add, remove, modify and customize different pre-designed blocks.

With the design ready, all that remains is to choose the title of the email, the description, and launch it. But, before that remember to preview the shipment, make sure everything is correct and do a final review. Once
checked that everything is correct, you can choose to send it instantly or schedule it for a specific date and time.

How can I analyze the results?

If you want to analyze the results of your campaigns, you have to look at the reports that Mailchimp shows you after each sending. In these reports you can see how many people have opened the email, how many have clicked
in the links or how many have chosen to unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Now you know the usefulness of Mailchimp to communicate news, offers or other relevant information to all your customers. Do you think it can be useful for your company?

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For decades, the working day started at 9 am and ended at 5 pm with only a break at noon for lunch. Thanks to the pandemic we just went through, all that has changed. Workers have been able to organize their work autonomously and do it when they want.

This change has given rise to other new work models, including the “non-linear working day”. People who decide to do this modality can do the work outside the traditional block of hours.

By working asynchronously, that is, having different schedules than their colleagues, workers can complete tasks with great flexibility and spread throughout the day. What we achieve with this new method is that employees can adapt their work schedules to their personal lives, instead of the other way around.



If we look back a few years, we can see that “non-linear days” were not very well known. Instead, right now almost everyone has adopted a more flexible way of working and this makes the workers in a certain way
be much more productive.

It is clear that not all employers will give their workers this degree of freedom. But in the new world of work, “non-linear” days will have more prominence in some sectors.

According to experts, asynchronous work has countless advantages, as long as certain precautions are taken.

The first advantage of all is that greater flexibility often translates into greater productivity. Instead of concentrating for 8 hours straight, employees can break their day into blocks that better fit their routines and, in this way, have more control over time.



The second advantage is that the work focuses on the results and not on the activity that is carried out. This leads to workers having more control over their time and how they manage it. This methodology considerably reduces the risk of suffering exhaustion and stress.

In addition to all this, asynchronous work allows us to save time in commuting, perform administrative tasks in hours of low productivity, maximize and make better use of free time and save money by doing the
meals at home

Non-linear work will be our new future.

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Forest baths and their benefits for the company

In recent decades, the progressive urbanization of the societies in which we live has increased
many psychological diseases, such as anxiety, insomnia, stress or depression. The Big One
most of these are caused by the way we manage our work. For the same reason
it is so important to start practicing “forest baths”.

The term “forest baths” has been known for a long time, becoming a practice
validated by numerous studies that have made its benefits visible.

This therapy originated in Japan. Its meaning is to absorb the atmosphere of the forest.
Stroll through the forest, breathe fresh air and listen to the silence and tranquility.

It is not a simple excursion, but a meditative walk and a therapeutic activity
highly recommended. In addition, it has an important spiritual component that promotes communication
with nature.



It is interesting to see how each person interacts with the forest differently depending on the
his personality. Most people simply relax, but many others feel
gratitude towards the forest or a great interior cleansing. It is a wonderful and very beneficial way of
connect with nature and with oneself.

Forest Baths can also be done in groups and we can take advantage of them as a therapy for
improve the relationship of a work team.

There are some companies that have already put this group experience into practice, which
it usually lasts about 2-3 hours and in which a series of activities are carried out
customized to reach a state of calm and peace of mind that will help reduce levels
of stress, anxiety and improving the working environment.

Through this practice, team members will obtain different benefits: improvement of the
physical health, improved mental health, increased creativity and critical thinking, moving away from the
routine, enjoy a new experience and improve the management of emotions.



A very common question when we start reporting on the topic is: Where can I take a bath
forest? We recommend Musgo Baños de Bosque, a company dedicated to carrying out
these conscious dives into nature and help you learn this technique
well-being for you and also for your company.

Don’t think twice, improve your mental health and make the positive energy of nature enter into
contact with your interior.

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What is a marketing plan and what it is for?

The marketing plan is a document where we find an analysis of the situation of the company, the objectives to be achieved, the strategies to be followed and the planning to carry them out.

It is the guide that guides the company when deciding the steps to be taken at all times. This document usually has one year of validity, since it is convenient to review it annually and renew it. We will need to develop new objectives, re-investigate and evaluate the market and the competition, our target, what we have achieved and what we have not. With all this, we will be able to re-propose a new plan that adapts to the new reality.

Although it is a fairly heavy and long process, we must take into account that it is important to validate the information to know if everything that had been raised has worked and evaluate the current situation.

Why is the marketing plan important?

– To know your market share and, therefore, to have a better view of the sector.

– To better understand your competition and your strengths.

– To better focus the objectives and guarantee a good resolution of these.

– To periodically evaluate whether or not your actions work.

Phases of the marketing plan

Within the plan, four important parts stand out:

This is a Silvia Mazzoli scheme with the most relevant phases and, within them, what are the steps to follow to complete a good marketing plan for your company. And as we have already mentioned, a good marketing plan is important since it helps to have a clearer view of the objectives and allows to optimize and achieve the objectives set in a more organized way.

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The skills that companies demand the most

Do you want to know what skills companies most ask for?

The work and way of carrying it out has changed in recent years. Not only in the increase of teleworking but also in the skills that companies seek in their employees.



The IEBS Business School has shared the skills that companies most ask for in 2021, and we share them below.


  • Resilience

Be able to adapt to adverse situations and stay patient, strong and calm in a crisis environment. In addition, we must know how to recover from complicated situations in order to continue advancing towards the future. It is a process of competitiveness where the person must adapt positively to situations.

  • Critical Thinking

Being analytical and curious helps us solve problems in a better way.

  • Commitment

Be committed to the vision, values and objectives of the company. In this way we will be more motivated, focused, productive and will improve the quality of our work. It is a factor that makes employees get involved both with the work and with the objectives and values of the company.

  • Flexibility

Have sufficient flexibility to adapt to changes, use new tools and adopt and promote new ways of working.

  • Teamwork

It is very necessary to demonstrate our ability to collaborate with team members. This also facilitates the achievement of objectives, increases motivation and stimulates creativity.

  • Constant and independent learning

It is important to have the ability to learn new programs, technologies, systems and tools so that companies work and are constantly evolving.

  • Digital skills

It is currently very important to be proactive in increasing these skills. They facilitate new needs, allowing the development of a critical and active attitude towards technologies.


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How to Motivate the Work Team

How to motivate the work team?

A leader who guides his team contributes to trust among its members, knows how to act in difficult times and gets people to have autonomy and work with greater performance.

The motivation of the team is a fundamental factor for a group to work with the optimal resources and there are favorable results. The leader brings confidence and respect to achieve productive and efficient work.

Here are some tips to maximize your team’s motivation:


  • Reinforcement of motivation

The objective of this activity is to learn to keep your employees motivated and encourage them to share motivational tips with other team members. For example, make a video call with the work team where each one shares their knowledge, wisdom and experience to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals and goals.

  • Set goals

With the objectives you can encourage teamwork. It is a good exercise to carry out this task. You can ask what are the goals of each of the workers at the end of the session and then contrast with the rest.

  • Rewards


These help to promote a positive relationship both with the company and among workers. It’s a way of thanking the team and increasing motivation by showing gratitude.


  • Life stories

For this activity each worker must share a personal story with the whole team or in small teams. The worker or team wins with the most captivating story. To avoid intimate stories, these will have to be related to labor affairs.


  • Points in Common

They will have to try to find points in common with the team. They will have to be divided into smaller groups and list the things each group has in common. The group that has the most things in common wins. It will be necessary to help the group that fewer things in common have to discover more points in common.


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Tips for working as a freelancer after Covid-19

Below, we share three tips to work as a freelancer after the pandemic.

After Covid-19, both companies and workers face a very different scenario in all industries. Most sectors are affected by the pandemic, some have even been forced to change many aspects such as their strategies and processes. Sectors such as transport and deliveries are hiring workers with record rates.

As a result of the pandemic, a large number of workers are choosing to work as their own. As with all jobs, this has positive and negative aspects.



  • Learn to promote yourself.

As we have already mentioned, self-employed work has many benefits, but this entails a challenge when it comes to getting customers.

Currently, social networks play a very important role in the relationship between customers and companies. Joseph Bennett, director of Trade Skills 4U,explains: “Anyone who has a business should use the platforms to increase the reach of their customers.”


  • Have a space to work

One of the biggest challenges of being self-employed may be the change in working conditions. Those who plan to work from home should make sure to separate their personal life from the professional to find a balance. This is sometimes a difficult process and many choose to work in coworking spaces that allow them to have the same atmosphere in an office.


  • Manage your contacts

Over time you will generate a lot of contacts that will have to be managed.

The information of these contacts is very valuable if managed correctly.

Using customer management tools, called CRMs, we will be able to store, filter, manage and work on all this information and transform it into useful for our business.


In Espai 114 we have a coworking with individual tables for exclusive use. It is characterized by being a dynamic and efficient workspace, designed for entrepreneurs, freelance workers and independent professionals.


In addition, we have a multipurpose room that can be used for meetings, training, etc. and is equipped with WI-FI, projector, videoconferencing system among other things.

We also offer office rental in the same building for those professionals who need a more intimate space to work.


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The 5 “A” Marketing

The 5 “A” of marketing is a new marketing strategy is the new proposal of Cyberclick (is a company specialized in attracting potential customers online through online marketing and digital advertising), this strategy consists of 5 “A” that is linked to boost sales for greater profit, revenue and attract people. This approach often does not go through all phases, the objective is to understand the behavior of your audience and know how to direct your campaign to achieve sales and loyalty of who buys your product or service.

The 5 “A” are:
– Contribute
– Help
– Anticipate
– Adapt
– Automate


Below we will explain what each of these concepts consists of and how to apply them.


    Add value to the user, we must create valuable content for the client, it must be attractive, of interest and that resolves the possible doubts that may arise. For example we can take advantage of social networks, blogs, web, emails… to add value to our service or product and establish a relationship with the customer.

  • HELP

    Help the client, this step must be what we have to focus on, since it is our main objective, help our client to cover their need or solve their problem. We have to connect with the client and understand the needs, we must guide and accompany him. In this step we must take care, we must ensure that the customer experience is the most satisfactory.



    Anticipate needs and demands, we must foresee the needs that the client can have in the short / medium term. In addition, we must keep up with market trends, what are the interests of our customers, what is best for them…
    With this we will be able to adapt our service / product to your needs.


    Adapt to our target audience, we must know who consumes or can consume our product or service, what their interests are, concerns and adapt it to what we can offer. This is a step that must be taken every day, as customers change and we have to adapt to them.



    Automate processes, we must incorporate technology both to save time, costs and streamline work. According to Strategic IC, companies that have incorporated the technologies have increased their profits by 10% in about 6 to 9 months. We must try to use a more conscious and integrating marketing that not only aims at the benefits for the company but also for the client and his environment.


Therefore, from Espai 114, we offer advice, entrepreneurship tools, consulting, continuous training, financial solutions to help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with their company. Contact us without any commitment.



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Barcelona and Badalona as a business center

Barcelona is a global benchmark for startups, although the most important cities in the business field are New York (United States), London (United Kingdom) and Paris (France). These cities are the ones leading the top positions.


In this world ranking,the city of Barcelona is ranked 8th, because it is one of the cities where there is more ease to do business and entrepreneurship.



Why is Barcelona a good option for doing business?

Barcelona, leader of southern Europe


It is a leader in the adaptation of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) and a world reference in the application of mobile technologies to improve quality of life. This recognition is due to the fact that the city hosts important events such as the Mobile World Congress.


In addition, in terms of creativity, it has been recognized by UNESCO as “Creative City of Literature” and is expected to be celebrated soon on unesco’s “International Book Day” in the city.

The Catalan capital stands out in the cosmetics, fashion and technology sectors. Every year Barcelona attracts a large amount of talent due to its funding offer, firmness of the population and entrepreneurship support organizations, such as us at Espai114.

Barcelona has more than 477,000 companies and hosts the silks of large companies that turn over about 65 billion euros a year, such as: Gas Natural, Seat, Volkswagen Group Spain, Caixabanc…


Other curiosities to highlight:
  • It is an active city in the measures adopted in terms of construction, infrastructure and energy.
  • The Port of Barcelona is the main port in Europe and the one that exports the most.



As for Badalona, it is one of the most important cities in the Barcelonès region and where the industry sector and the business sector are very present.


It is expected that by 2030 Badalona will agree on an agenda focused on global action based on research, the eradication of poverty, the protection of the planet and the achievement of sustainable prosperity. This will give the city a solid position to access the funds provided within the new European funding framework.

From Espai 114, in the center of Badalona, we work to be a support space for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs.


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