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How to make the most of Linkedin as a freelancer

Nowadays, the classic resume is no longer enough to make your skills and abilities known. For this same reason, LinkedIn is currently the most widespread professional platform in the professional world, as you can use it to find work or internships, connect with professionals and to make yourself known as a professional and as a […]

Create your hybrid event in our space room 114

The crisis generated by the pandemic has meant a major change in the dynamics of meetings and events. The slow recovery of the sector has caused many companies to look for various alternatives to continue developing events safely. It is clear that face-to-face meetings will not disappear, as human interaction is very important for exchanging […]


For decades, the working day started at 9 am and ended at 5 pm with only a break at noon for lunch. Thanks to the pandemic we just went through, all that has changed. Workers have been able to organize their work autonomously and do it when they want. This change has given rise to […]

Forest baths and their benefits for the company

In recent decades, the progressive urbanization of the societies in which we live has increased many psychological diseases, such as anxiety, insomnia, stress or depression. The Big One most of these are caused by the way we manage our work. For the same reason it is so important to start practicing “forest baths”. The term […]

Disconnect for holidays, to connect with you and your loved ones

Nowadays it is difficult to disconnect completely from our work and social networks for holidays , since we are constantly connected. With the evolution and changes of communication, also counting on the means of organization and control in labour relations becomes even more difficult. Time control through mobile applications, work from home, geolocation… it is […]