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How to relax during the holidays

We are at the end of July and for many this means preparing to enjoy the holidays. Some have already done so and others still have a few weeks left to start them.   With the current situation, holidays are more important and necessary than ever, not only for the worker who makes them, but […]

To accept bitcoins in your business

For a business to start accepting Bitcoins is to take a step forward towards new technologies. Since they were launched in 2009, cryptocurrenciesare changing the way money is viewed and handled. Unlike credit card networks and payment processors like PayPal, Bitcoins are not owned by a company. Cryptocurrencies are the world’s first fully open payment […]

Do I fit in a coworking?

If you’re thinking of joining a coworking, but you think your profile won’t fit into this style of work, read on and find out what the profile of a coworker is. These are the most typical characteristics of the usual coworker. According to “The World Survey on the Coworking World” this is the profile of […]

Synergies between Espai 114 and Lladó Consultor Group

Espai 114 is a support space for entrepreneurs and businessmen, where you can enjoy the different services of a business center, consulting and coworking space.     In our Business Center you can find various services, from renting a coworking table to a private office, a meeting room to do an interview or training for […]

Coworking growth

Coworking growth is exponential. Today, coworking is a well-known form of work used by many people in Spain. Being such a novel system, questions like “what has been its evolution over the years?” sometimes arise. Why did it become so popular? Stay and we’ll tell you all about this way of working. The rise of […]


The COVID LINE is the new direct aid for the self-employed and companies to deal with the COVID-19. 1 billion will be allocated to direct aid for SMEs and the self-employed in Catalonia. Exactly 993 million euros correspond to Catalonia of the 7 billion euros that the Central Government allocates to direct aid.   What […]

International Women’s Day

Today, March 8, International Women’s Day, we commemorate as every year the long struggle of women for their emancipation and active participation in society.   It is everyone’s job, regardless of gender, to work to end the discrimination still faced by women in many aspects of our society. With World War I, women entered the […]