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Landing page: what is it and what is it for?

A landing page is a page within a website that is specifically developed to convert visitors into leads through a given offer or claim. It usually has a simple design with the right and necessary information to hook the visitor, as well as a form with which to get the contact details.   Why is […]

Tips for the life of a freelancer

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is in charge of his own company offering services or products.   All the responsibility for the work activity falls on the same person and that often makes it difficult to have a work-life balance.   If you are self-employed, here are some tips that can […]

What is a marketing plan and what it is for?

The marketing plan is a document where we find an analysis of the situation of the company, the objectives to be achieved, the strategies to be followed and the planning to carry them out. It is the guide that guides the company when deciding the steps to be taken at all times. This document usually […]

The skills that companies demand the most

Do you want to know what skills companies most ask for? The work and way of carrying it out has changed in recent years. Not only in the increase of teleworking but also in the skills that companies seek in their employees.     The IEBS Business School has shared the skills that companies most […]

Ways to break the ice in a video call

The pandemic has meant a before and after in the world of work. One of the most significant aspects is the acceleration of the digitization of companies. This has meant a reduction in costs thanks to teleworking, easier to work safely and less stress. Some studies show that 80% of workers enjoy working at home […]

How to Motivate the Work Team

How to motivate the work team? A leader who guides his team contributes to trust among its members, knows how to act in difficult times and gets people to have autonomy and work with greater performance. The motivation of the team is a fundamental factor for a group to work with the optimal resources and […]

Tips for working as a freelancer after Covid-19

Below, we share three tips to work as a freelancer after the pandemic. After Covid-19, both companies and workers face a very different scenario in all industries. Most sectors are affected by the pandemic, some have even been forced to change many aspects such as their strategies and processes. Sectors such as transport and deliveries […]

The 5 “A” Marketing

The 5 “A” of marketing is a new marketing strategy is the new proposal of Cyberclick (is a company specialized in attracting potential customers online through online marketing and digital advertising), this strategy consists of 5 “A” that is linked to boost sales for greater profit, revenue and attract people. This approach often does not […]