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Cohabitation in a Coworking space

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs need a space to work, but they cannot afford it. Coworking is the solution for these independent professionals, putting in their service spaces where they can develop their ideas. Not only that, as the word“Coworking” says, it is about cooperating with others and getting more out of ideas among all.

Our coworking space,located at Calle Mercé, no. 1, in Badalona, is a comfortable, professional and cozy area with a pleasant atmosphere among workers, a very important factor to achieve a high performance at work.

In order to promote this good coexistence, we detail a series of guidelines that it is recommended to follow if you want to make the most of your experience in coworking.


How to maximize our performance in a coworking space?


Respect. There will be many workers from various areas, therefore the profiles will be very different.

Cooperation. Offer and accept any help if you need it.

Noise. Avoid speaking too loud or making annoying noises to others. Remember, it’s a common space.

Headphones. Don’t make the audio volume of your devices within everyone’s reach.

Calls. If you have to talk on the phone, isolate or go outside.

Behaviour. We must all behave well, if someone else does not have it, warns those responsible for the space.

Schedule. Respect the hours assigned to meetings, breakfasts, etc.

Internet. Make rational use of the common network, don’t collapse it with video games or other topics that have nothing to do with work.

Furniture. Take care of the space like you’re at home.


Order. Pick up everything you’ve used and return it to your place of origin.

Cleaning. If an object is dirty, wash it.

Waste. Do not use the floor or desk as garbage.

Food. Each space has its own rules, don’t eat where it doesn’t play.


Lights. Turn off any that aren’t needed.

Equipment. Turn them off or set the “suspend” mode to save.

Paper. Recycle, use leaves on both sides and manage their use.

We currently have free workspaces in our coworking. If you’re thinking about it… now is the time to try it!

We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business. In Espai114 together we form a team; We want to inspire you and accompany you.