Strategies to prioritize your tasks at work

If it is difficult for you to prioritize your tasks at work with the intention of being more productive and you do not know how to put it into practice, we will tell you a few strategies to achieve it.


The first thing you should do is identify what is important according to your goals. That is, you must understand why you are working and this will help you identify the priority tasks for these future results.


Divide the largest and most general objectives into smaller ones, and establish for them the time you have to meet them. In this way, step by step, it will be easier for you to reach your final goal.


The next step is to prioritize according to importance and urgency. It is essential to know which tasks are fastest or most relevant and we must classify and prioritize them accordingly.


To ensure that these priorities are clear, we can create a list of schedules and write down all the tasks we need to do during the day and the time slot that corresponds to each one.


Another point to consider is effort. What do we mean by that? Once you’ve clarified your to-do list, you’ll need to evaluate which ones require the most dedication. With this in mind, we recommend starting with the simplest ones that take up less time and you won’t get tired so easily.


We also advise you to highlight urgent work. It provides clear visibility into priorities and deadlines. Use colors and schemes to make it more visual. This way you will easily identify which tasks need to be completed earlier and plan ahead according to deadlines.


When the tasks you’re working on aren’t difficult it’s very easy to manage them, but as the difficulty increases, people have more difficulty prioritizing a single goal.


Finally, one tactic to stay focused on each task is to identify possible distractions and avoid them throughout the day.

Having said all this, try applying these tactics to better manage your time and more easily achieve your goals.


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What is the perfect work environment for a programmer?

The environment in which we work determines much of our performance at work. Si això passa amb la majoria dels treballs, encara més amb els programadors, que requereixen una gran capacitat de concentració.


Below we explain what you should take into account as a programmer to find your ideal workspace.

programmer workspace


The temperature in which you develop your work must be correct. Spending many hours sitting in one place requires a space that is at a comfortable temperature for you. The air conditioning is important to avoid the cold in winter and the heat in summer.



You have to have the necessary space to comfortably display your work tools without being overcrowded. The table must be large enough to accommodate it completely and you must have the necessary plugs nearby.



The chair is one of the most relevant points. It should adapt to you and help you achieve an optimal posture.



The best is natural lighting, not only for visual health reasons but also for the stimulus it provides when it comes to motivating you.



And last but not least, have a good, fast and stable Internet connection. In our center we have a fiber optic connection.


Our coworking in the center of Badalona can provide everything you need. It is a local on the ground floor, bright, open and with direct access from the street. It has capacity for 12 users, with individual tables for exclusive use. It is characterized by being a dynamic and efficient workspace, designed for entrepreneurs, freelance workers and independent professionals.


And, if you need more privacy, we also offer offices for rent in the same building. Ideal for those professionals who need an intimate space to work and who, in turn, are willing to network and foster synergies with other entrepreneurs and professionals.


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Green jobs, contributing to the adaptation against climate change

Green Jobs. We explain you what they are.

We are in a new era where climate change is no longer just a reality, but we live the consequences day after day. Global warming, pollution of oceans and rivers and air pollution are in the news every week.

The growth of the global population, the large industries, the habits of life that we are accustomed to lead and the level of consumption evoke the degeneration of our planet.

We have long been in this situation and thousands of people are already working on the ecological transition to improve the condition of planet earth.

We are talking about Green Jobs. What are they?

According to the ILO’s Green Jobs Programme, are works that contribute to preserving and restoring the environment by incorporating one or more of the following aspects: increasing the efficiency of the consumption of energy and raw materials; limit greenhouse gas emissions; minimise waste and pollution; protect and restore ecosystems; and contribute to adaptation to climate change.

The new Green Economy economic development model was born to be able to reconcile economic growth that generates a sustainable environmental impact and collective well-being.

This new model has created and transformed jobs in Green Jobs in different sectors such as industry, construction, urban planning, agriculture and tourism among many others.

There are a wide variety of “green” jobs, but here are examples of some of them:

Installers and designers of photovoltaic systems: they are profiles that are increasingly requested, since they give both companies and individuals economic benefits for the energy adaptation of sources such as solar, an alternative to the traditional ones we know.

Energy manager: is the person in charge of rationalizing energy consumption in companies. Its responsibility is to ensure energy efficiency, limit waste and, as much as possible, it must be able to be in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

Quantity surveyors or architects: These are the ones in charge of giving the Energy Certificates. They are the people in charge of evaluating the energy behavior of a house or any space that needs this certificate, also taking into account the materials with which it is built.

Environmental chemists: they are experts in seeing eco-sustainability levels. They must be able to foresee and study with a high degree of precision the results of the interaction between the natural environment and chemicals.

Ecochef: Although it may not seem like it, agriculture and livestock play a very important role in these aspects. The ecochef site is responsible for contributing and contributing to the creation of eating habits with less impact, such as Km0 products. At the same time that they contribute to local trade, they help reduce emissions, since they do not participate in the industrial transport of food between countries.

These are just some examples, but there is a wide range of jobs considered Green Jobs, which will increasingly be transformed and evolved so that, together, we can improve the living conditions on our planet.

And, even if your work is not green, you can start contributing with your grain of sand individually either by recycling or using public transport, for example.
In this link we leave you an entry in which we talk about how to reduce energy consumption in offices to collaborate with the fight against climate change.


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The dreaded return from vacation… It won’t be that bad!

We are already in the most feared month: September. It’s time to close the holidays and we are still thinking about beaches, trips, dinners and after-dinner that never end.

After all the year working, we wait for the holidays to rest physically and mentally and be able to enjoy with family, couple or friends. The reality is that, after these days, we have to return to the routine, but this does not have to be a negative turn. We will leave you a few tips to make it easier.

September does not mean that the “good life” of summer ends, nor that we can not make getaways on the weekend. Before the weather change begins and we have to take out the jackets, we can continue to take time to relax or recreate so as not to have to make such a sudden change of routine.

On weekends we can think about making getaways to the mountains, finding rivers and doing activities to pass the residual heat that September leaves us.

In the city, surely during these times that we have disconnected they have opened a restaurant nearby, they have released a film or they have inaugurated an art exhibition. It is a good time to visit new places with friends and disconnect.

Getting ahead of ourselves a couple of days and starting to adapt to what the return will be is a good way so that it does not catch us unexpectedly and we can begin to establish the new guidelines to return to the routine. Doing sports on a regular basis is a very good option, as it will help us establish a time schedule.

The end of summer also brings good things. The unbearable heat will leave us and in a few weeks we can begin to enjoy the sunsets that autumn leaves us or the impressive changes in color of the vegetation.


And if your holidays start in September, we leave you a post with a few tips on how to disconnect for holidays.


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Energy savings in the office. It’s possible?

Energy saving. Normally, we talk about the energy saving at house, but it is not the only place where there are excessive energy expenses for the environment, it also occurs in the offices where we work.

We almost spent the same hours in the office as at home, or even longer. That is why we must take similar measures.

Depending on the characteristics of the space we use in the office, there are different ways to save energy.

Now, how can we carry out energy saving systems in our offices, or workspaces such as coworking?

Light and electricity are two very important factors. We can save energy by using LED lights and, if our space makes it possible, by taking advantage of natural light. It is also very important when we leave the office, to leave all electrical appliances off, since even if they remain at rest, they continue to consume electricity.


energy savings

Ventilation and air conditioning are also a relevant part of saving energy. If we can, we must keep the windows open when the outside temperature is pleasant, so we will avoid turning on air conditioners. Similarly, if we have air conditioning or heating on, keep doors and windows closed, for a good use of resources.

Spaces where there are no staff, such as meeting rooms, sinks… We should not keep them refrigerated.

It is also important that the office thermostats are programmed with an optimal and recommended temperature of between 20° and 22° in winter and between 23° and 25° in summer.

And last but not least, saving paper and recycling it is another way to contribute.

Use recycled paper, print as few documents as possible and try to send them online. If they are documents that we must print, we can use the double-sided and the black and white format.

These are some of the options that we can put into practice to contribute to the energy saving on our offices.

In addition, by clicking here, you have a guide to energy saving and efficiency in offices and offices.

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Disconnect for holidays, to connect with you and your loved ones

holiday disconnection

Nowadays it is difficult to disconnect completely from our work and social networks for holidays , since we are constantly connected.

With the evolution and changes of communication, also counting on the means of organization and control in labour relations becomes even more difficult.

Time control through mobile applications, work from home, geolocation… it is some of the means that can make us feel that we have not just disconnected with work.

These are very important days for our physical and mental health.

Throughout the year we are so mechanized with our routines, that when it is really time for us to disconnect and rest to reconnect with ourselves and with the people around us and we want to share this free time, it is it makes it difficult to leave aside our employment relationship 100%.

That is why it is important also, before starting our holidays leave everything resolved and finished, to be able to leave quieter. For example, all the important and pending tasks that we have, or leave someone in our care to make sure that any unforeseen event will be covered.

family activities

For many people the total disconnection of the networks, also supposes a state of stress and anxiety, so the best way is to find a balance. Finding a way to reduce connection time can be a good way to get started.

Another way to get to a job disconnect is starting from the beginning. What do we mean by that? Well, we mean that the first few days you can afford not to make plans, or organize every day, since, stop, think, and relax can be a very good start!

Last but not least, doing things and activities that we don’t normally do, are a way to alter our daily routine, it’s a great way to make us disconnect and feel at ease with us and the people around us.


And if you have already enjoyed your holidays or you can even be on vacation or travelling and combine it with teleworking, we leave you this post on How to reconcile by working from home!


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Flexible schedule: advantages for your company

Flexible schedule is increasingly implemented by companies. You may have considered implementing it for your workers yourself, but you are not sure of the benefits it entails. Continue reading to get out of doubt.


First of all, what does flexible schedule means?


Flexible schedule consist of offering facilities to workers with regard to the reconciliation of their personal and professional lives. These will comply with the hours stipulated in your contract, but may vary the start and end times, the distribution of them during the week or even carry them out outside the office.


As a company, what are the advantages that the flexible schedule of my workers will bring me?


Commuting to work

– Reduced travel time

There are many employees who spend a large amount of time a day commuting to and from work.


If we eliminate the obligation to go to the workplace to carry out their tasks, workers earn a lot of daily time that they can devote to other things.


productivity at work

– Commitment and productivity

This increase in the freedom of employees translates directly into an increase in motivation and commitment they have with the company.

At the same time, this motivation translates into increased efficiency and productivity.


Workers feel that they make much better use of the time they spend on their work.


reduce fixed costs

– Reduce costs

A direct benefit of flexibility is the savings in the company’s fixed costs. If the number of employees working in the office is reduced or completely eliminated, we can save the cost of rent or consider replacing it with a coworking space that will mean a much lower expense and much more adaptable to our needs.


less absenteeism

– Minimize absenteeism

The high conciliation provided by the flexible schedule means that, in situations such as medical appointments or other types of unforeseen events, the worker chooses to modify the work schedule instead of not doing the hours.


These are just a few of the advantages that flexible schedule can bring to your company.



If you dare to apply it and need a coworking space in Badalona, contact us so that we can offer you all the information you need.


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How to have a good work-life balance doing telework

Having a good work-life balance doing telework can seem difficult. Finding a balance between procrastination and the large volumes of work that lead us to work many more hours than stipulated may seem impossible.


We often find that anxiety levels increase and our motivation plummets. Another common aspect is frustration and loss of confidence in one’s abilities.




Maybe you’ve made a change from face-to-face work to telecommuting and you feel overwhelmed by this new work dynamic. If you want to know how to reconcile doing telework, here are some tips.

  • The place from which you work is different, so the way you work must adapt to this new situation. You face new challenges that will require new ways of facing them.
  • There will be interruptions. Normalize them. You cannot control the external factors that cause you small distractions in your workday and you must face them naturally and not with frustration. If you get a knock at the door when you’re on a video call, for example, you can take it with humor and not frustration. Your interlocutors will thus show more empathy and you will not lose your professionalism.
  • Avoid feelings of loneliness by periodically scheduling meetings with your co-workers or boss. Keeping in touch with people in your professional environment will influence your motivation.
  • Set a disconnection schedule. Just because you work remotely doesn’t mean you have to be available 24/7.
  • Move. It is possible that working from home you have considerably reduced the physical exercise you did daily. Try to replace it by doing activities such as going for a run, doing yoga classes or going to the gym.
  • Working outside the home is always an option. Have you ever considered working from a coworking? The atmosphere is very professional and will help you be more productive. In Espai 114 we have a coworking in the center of Badalona. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.

Have a good work-life balance doing telework is possible!

work from home


In Espai 114 we have a coworking in the center of Badalona. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested.


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Tips for the life of a freelancer

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is in charge of his own company offering services or products.


All the responsibility for the work activity falls on the same person and that often makes it difficult to have a work-life balance.


If you are self-employed, here are some tips that can help you:


1. Set clear objectives.

Mark the objectives you want to reach. These objectives must be specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound. This will lead us to set goals and sub-goals to follow day by day, in addition to guiding us and providing motivation.

2. Do not stop looking for opportunities.

Spend a few hours a week searching on work platforms. Even if you do not lack work, perform this search on a regular basis to stay informed of the state of your sector and, who knows, find a great opportunity for your company.

3. Collaborate with other freelancers.

Do not hesitate to join other freelancers in the same sector or complementary to yours. You can come together to share ideas, bigger projects… Plus, it’s a good way to know how other people work and learn from them.

4. Establish appropriate rates for your products/services.

It is necessary to have established rates and update them over time. Do not hesitate to find out about the prices of the competition in your field and consider what you can offer. Consider raising the price of your products/services if you have a higher volume of work than you can cover.

5. Impose a schedule and a vacation

Although being a freelancer is a very hard job, in which you have to work long hours even weekends, you have to force yourself to separate work from personal life. If you don’t, you may feel overwhelmed.


With these tips we hope to help you reconcile the life of self-employed with the personal.


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How to Motivate the Work Team

How to motivate the work team?

A leader who guides his team contributes to trust among its members, knows how to act in difficult times and gets people to have autonomy and work with greater performance.

The motivation of the team is a fundamental factor for a group to work with the optimal resources and there are favorable results. The leader brings confidence and respect to achieve productive and efficient work.

Here are some tips to maximize your team’s motivation:


  • Reinforcement of motivation

The objective of this activity is to learn to keep your employees motivated and encourage them to share motivational tips with other team members. For example, make a video call with the work team where each one shares their knowledge, wisdom and experience to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals and goals.

  • Set goals

With the objectives you can encourage teamwork. It is a good exercise to carry out this task. You can ask what are the goals of each of the workers at the end of the session and then contrast with the rest.

  • Rewards


These help to promote a positive relationship both with the company and among workers. It’s a way of thanking the team and increasing motivation by showing gratitude.


  • Life stories

For this activity each worker must share a personal story with the whole team or in small teams. The worker or team wins with the most captivating story. To avoid intimate stories, these will have to be related to labor affairs.


  • Points in Common

They will have to try to find points in common with the team. They will have to be divided into smaller groups and list the things each group has in common. The group that has the most things in common wins. It will be necessary to help the group that fewer things in common have to discover more points in common.


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