Entrepreneurship Tools (Part One)

Do you know that there are free entrepreneurship tools that will make it easier for you to manage your new business?

To be entrepreneur. According to the RAE, to undertake and start a work, a business, an endeavor, especially if they are difficult.


It is because of this intrinsic difficulty in its definition that all help is good at starting a new business.


From accounting issues, management issues or work tools to communication platforms. All these aspects of the day-to-day life of your company, and many more, you can manage them easily through a large number of online programs or guides and documents that we provide for free.


Here are some examples:


entrepreneurship tools

Password manager

Starting a new business involves, in most cases, creating accounts on numerous websites or platforms,which we will need to develop our activity. Examples include Social Media accounts, email accounts or access data to our website.


At first there won’t be many accounts to remember, but over time the number will increase and our memoristic ability can play us a bad trick.


To help us with that, there are tools like LastPass that will simplify our workby securely storing all our accounts and passwords in one place All protected by a single master password.


entrepreneurship tools

Work calendar

All beginnings involve effort and dedication, but they also deserve days offto recharge the batteries.


For this reason we provide you with the Official Journal of the Generalitat de Catalunya,in which the days established as a work party are reflected.


Sharing documents

It is common the situation of having to send a file to customers, suppliers or other people related to our company, but when trying to do so by email we get a notice similar to “the size of the attachments exceeds the maximum allowed”.


This is where WeTransfer saves us. With its free tool, we can send files up to 2 GB to whoever we want and in a very easy and intuitive way.


You can find the full list of free entrepreneurship tools we offer by clicking here.

In an upcoming entry we will explain the details of more useful tools for your business.



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