Inbound Marketing: How to capture and maintain my clients?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Attracting and retaining customers, according to salespeople, is one of the most difficult tasks, but at the most important time for the company. This is a long-term task.


Clearly, the work of a company is to get customers and that they continue to work with us but this entails a great dedication.


According to data from IDC (Contribution Data Report) customers think of 39% that their experience is a key factor in buying back or relying on a company. Therefore, taking this percentage into account, we share a strategy to maintain and capture our potential customers.

The strategy we will focus on is the so-called Inbound Marketing, which is one of the keys to success for 2022. This strategy aims to make it the customer himself who finds the company.


Customer Acquisition Strategy



Inbound Marketing: What is it?


It is a digital strategy that seeks to attract customers with useful, attractive and relevant content for them.


The origin of Inbound Marketing dates back to the 1950s, when the market research technique arose and this allowed marketing professionals to collect information about the interests of buyers and thus create campaigns better adapted and segmented by consumers.

How do we make the customer find in the company? Through the creation of quality content and that’s attractive to capture the customer and be able to satisfy their need.


Inbound Marketing Phases


The 4 Phases of Inbound Marketing:


1. ATTRACTING unknown


This first step is key to success. We have to define who our customers are. With this we will get to know our potential customers and we will be able to know how to reach them to capture them.


Once the profile of our potential customer has been analyzed, we will create content of interest to him and share it using social networks and/or a blog. In a blog, we will have to use keywords that will help us obtain a better SEO and we will position ourselves better in internet search engines.


Inbound Marketing AttractIng Phase


2. CONVERT visits


In this step customers already know us. They know how we can cover their needs and that’s where we need to act.


Our goal is to collect a record of the visits that we may have had on our website, online store or social networks. We need to find a way to collect relevant information from our customers for us so that later we get in touch with them.. For example, using subscription forms, calls-to-action or landing pages.


Phase Convert Inbound Marketing


3. CLOSE client


Next, we need to get our leads to be attracted to our content so that they finally become in our customers. With the previous step we have already obtained a customer database. Now we have to prepare ourselves to offer a solution to your needs or problems. We will have to do it by offering relevant and accurate information, so that it finally chooses us and not the competition. We can do it through newsletters, specific actions, CRM…


Phase Close Inbound Marketing customers


4. DELIGHT the promoters


In this last step (one of the most difficult, but at the same time one of the most satisfactory) we must try to build customer loyalty.


For the company a loyal customer is one of the best rewards. Our goal is for the client to trust us again and repeat.


For this step we may use content on social networks, event organization or satisfaction forms.


Inbound Marketing Promoters Phase


Following these four phases we put Inbound Marketing into practice. It is a process that takes time but in a short to medium term bears fruit.



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Return from holiday and how to deal with it

How to deal with the return from holidays?


Once September has begun, few people have yet toreturn to work after a few days off.

Suddenly moving from a state of prolongedrelaxation and recreation to a marked daily routine of tasks and projects, can cause a sudden change that leads to a loss of motivation and interest.


This situation is called post-holiday syndrome and is shown in the form of tiredness, a misaligned sleep cycle, lack of concentration, apathy…

You don’t have to worry if this list of symptoms looks too much like how you feel on your return to work, since this “syndrome” will last a few days before it disappears.

Are you employer, freelance or employed? Either way, consider returning with enthusiasm. Set new goals and objectives to help you maintain motivation. You return from the holidays with the batteries loaded and the new beginnings are accompanied by new opportunities.



Whether you have already finished your days off as if you still have a few to enjoy, the following tips can help you make your return a little easier.

1. If you have not returned yet to work, try not to do so on Monday, as far as possible. In this way, the more advanced the week, the fewer days will remain for the weekend and you will be able to make a more graduated return.

2. Strive to establish sleep schedules that are more compatible with your working day. Make sure you go to sleep early so that the next morning’s awakening doesn’t make you harder.

3. Incorporate physical exercise activities into your daily life, which will help you de-stress and generate serotonin that will improve your mood.

4. Do not forget your social life completely once you start working. Keep scheduling meeting with friends or family to disconnect some time during the week.

5. It is important to take care of the space where you work and make sure that you maintain a good organizationand you have everything ready for your return to work. Otherwise, picking up the pace of work again can be more difficult.


space 114 office

If you are self-employed and/or work from home, a new space to develop your work activity can help you to return to a less heavy routine. Count on our coworking space or one of our private offices in the center of Badalona to start an easier holiday return.


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How to relax during the holidays

We are at the end of July and for many this means preparing to enjoy the holidays. Some have already done so and others still have a few weeks left to start them.


With the current situation, holidays are more important and necessary than ever, not only for the worker who makes them, but also for the company. These days off are not just a right or a privilege, they are necessary for physical and mental well-being.


Enjoying a few weeks out of the work routine helps us to increase our creativity and productivity, which is interesting both for the personal motivation that it entails and for the company.


Just as our body needs to sleep every day to rest and recover for the next, it is also necessary to give us this time away from our workplace annually in order to get fresh air, relax, gain strength and come back with more desire and new ideas.



Sometimes we find it difficult to disconnect completely when we are on vacation. Here are some tips that can make it easier:

– A few weeks before the holidays it is important to anticipate the aspects of our work that we must leave closed and prepared. In addition, we can also anticipate possible unforeseen situations and notify our colleagues about what they can do if we are not there.

Think positively. With all the free time in the world, maybe we get in front of the news more often or give ourselves the pleasure of buying the newspaper every day back from the bakery. This situation can lead us to be overinformed, especially of negative or hopeless news, which can worry us and interfere with our mental rest.

Avoid boredom. Getting too bored can lead to discomfort and negative thoughts. To avoid this, go out every day even if you don’t need it. It will help you occupy your mind.




Apart from this, we recommend that you take advantage of the holidays to do what you are passionate about and you can not do in your day to day.

From Espai114 we wish you a vacation full of rest and total disconnection.


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To accept bitcoins in your business

For a business to start accepting Bitcoins is to take a step forward towards new technologies. Since they were launched in 2009, cryptocurrenciesare changing the way money is viewed and handled.

Unlike credit card networks and payment processors like PayPal, Bitcoins are not owned by a company. Cryptocurrencies are the world’s first fully open payment network that anyone with an Internet connection can participate in.

To accept payment in Bitcoins in your business is not as complicated as it might seem. You simply need a tool called wallet, which will allow you to receive the cryptocurrency when you are paid by a customer, store it in your virtual wallet and, after that, deliver the product to the buyer or offer your service.

collect with bitcoins

– It has no cost. There are no commissions. Accepting payments through cryptocurrencies has no cost to you as a business.

Starting to accept payments with cryptocurrencies will not take you more than 2 minutes.

There are no fake Bitcoins. There is therefore no fraud. Another plus point is that the sender cannot roll back transactions.

It is a global currency that allows you to receive payments worldwide.

– Your accounting is simplified by digitally recorded all transactions.

You can receive the payments you want and of any amount, without limits.

It helps you stand out from the competition.

Guarantees the privacy of the transaction. The movement does not contain any identifying information for the buyer or seller.

They are an example of security. Since its inception, it has never been possible to successfully hack the Bitcoin network.

cryptocurrency drawbacks

The rapid fluctuation of its value can cause you to incur a loss if after accepting a payment the value of the cryptocurrency drops.

Although cryptocurrencies are already a very common topic of conversation, not everyone has them or knows how their transactions work.

There is a regulatory vacuum because some governments still do not know how to regulate Bitcoin.


Using cryptocurrencies as a means of payment is not illegal in any free country in the world. However, accepting cryptocurrencies does not exempt from fulfilling the same obligations as with payments in traditional currencies.

In the case of Spain, you must collect VAT when selling a product or service regardless of the currency in which you are paid. If you sell a jacket of € 100, you must charge € 121 with VAT included,and on the ticket you will show the applied bitcoin-euro quote, with the name of the platform used, indicating the total in Bitcoins that you have charged the customer.



Now that you know the advantages and disadvantages of accepting cryptocurrencies asa form of payment, you will be able to clearly evaluate if it is a payment method suitable for you or your business. In any case, you should consider it as a way to expand or improve your business, and not to solve some problem.

If you decide to accept bitcoins as a form of payment, do not forget to study this topic before.

We offer you tax, labor and legal advice for your business or enterprise. As well as easy access to financing and public subsidies.


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Entrepreneurship in times of (post)pandemic

Are you thinking about starting an entrepreneurship and you are not sure if its the right time? Read on.


We do not dare to say it out loud, but it seems that the light at the end of the tunnel is already closer. It has been (and is still being) a time of change and adaptation to all levels of our lives. Among other things, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned the economy on its head. Sectors that were previously stagnant are now indispensable. Others have become less important or obsolete.


In this situation of transformation and uncertainty, it may seem more risky than usual to take the initiative in the business world. But, times of change sometimes generate very good business and entrepreneurship opportunities.


Therefore, this stage should not take away our desire to embark on new projects both work and personal.


We all agree that this situation has done a lot of damage to different sectors and businesses and has also caused a resurgence of some others.

Some examples of business that, due to the current situation, are booming, are the following.

online training

Online Training. They say that life is a constant learning. Even more so today, when people are preparing more and more for working life. Distance learning has become a necessity during these long months and now it seems that it is here to stay.



E-Commerce. Online shopping increased by nearly 75% during lockdown. 11.5% of today’s online shoppers did not do so before COVID. Surely you have experienced it yourself firsthand. You have bought or buy things through the internet that a few months before you would not have considered not buying in a physical store.



Cybersecurity. It seems that this pandemic has meant an awakening of hackers. Computer viruses and digital hijackings have been part of the day-to-day life of countless companies and individuals. This has created a great need to maintain and strengthen computer and network security.


take away

Food and Take Away: Whether you already have a restaurant or not, the food delivery or take away boom is here. It has in many cases been the only thing that has kept bars and restaurants afloat around the world and consumers have widely appreciated it. Once the worst of this crisis is over, the consumption of food delivery remains one of the preferred options of consumers.


online services

On-site services. During the harshest lockdown, we were very limited in accessing different services. To meet these needs, many companies have started to offer their services at home and these have been very well received. Some examples are beauty, hairdressing and aesthetic services, computer repair services and pet care among many others.


These are just five of the sectors that have gained strength in this adverse situation. We encourage you to take the initiative, either on a personal or professional level. Get out of the workplace and operations center that your home has become during this time and venture into developing your work activity beyond your home.


If you need support or advice for your next venture or your current business, you can count on Espai 114. We offer you tax, labor and legal advice. As well as easy access to financing and public subsidies.


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Synergies between Espai 114 and Lladó Consultor Group

Espai 114 is a support space for entrepreneurs and businessmen, where you can enjoy the different services of a business center, consulting and coworking space.




In our Business Center you can find various services, from renting a coworking table to a private office, a meeting room to do an interview or training for 20 people, domiciliate your companies to receive your customers and your correspondence and we will be able to manage your electronic notifications.

In addition, you can contract the technical services to carry out bonus training for your workers and also process a subsidy that may be suitable for your project. In short, we liketo deal withentrepreneurship and support new business projects and see them grow.

By clicking on this link of Espai 114 you can see the services we offer you.


coworking entrepreneurs


All these services and more, you can find them in Espai 114, a business center in the heart of Badalona.

As we know, all our clients are entrepreneurs or businessmen who need the services of a consultancy, and we go hand in hand withLLADÓ CONSULTOR GROUP. A team of professionals (economists, lawyers, labour advisors…) with proven experience and great reputation in the business consulting sector.




If you have hired or want to hire one of our coworking services or offices and want to have the consulting services of the labour, tax and/or legal departments, you should know that you will get a discount that will be applied to your monthly fee.

Ask us for this benefit and we will support you in your businessproject in all its aspects.


coworking badalona


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The COVID LINE is the new direct aid for the self-employed and companies to deal with the COVID-19. 1 billion will be allocated to direct aid for SMEs and the self-employed in Catalonia. Exactly 993 million euros correspond to Catalonia of the 7 billion euros that the Central Government allocates to direct aid.


What is the budgeted amount?

The endowment of the line corresponding to direct aids arrives to the 7,000 million euros distributing 2,000 million euros between the Balearic and Canary Islands and the other 5 billion euros between the rest of the Autonomous Communities and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla.
Note: The distribution indicators to be applied by Autonomous Community will follow the line of the REAC EU funds using indicators of income, unemployment and youth unemployment.


covid help

Who can be a beneficiary?

The recipients of the aid will be the self-employed and non-financial companies that meet the following conditions:

Viable companies, but with solvency problems as a result of approved restrictions to slow the advance of the virus. Therefore, they will have to prove, through the quarterly declarations of VAT or indirect tax equivalent to a drop in turnover in 2020 above 30% compared to 2019.

Not having had a negative net result in the 2019 income tax return or IS.

Have the tax domicile in Spanish territory.

Not having a home in a tax haven.

Not being in bankruptcy.

Not to have ceased the activity at the time of the application.

Do not distribute dividends or increase the salaries of the management team in a period of two years.

Commit to maintaining the activity until June 30, 2022.

Be aware of tax and Social Security payment payments.

The applicant’s sector must be included in one of the following CNAEs that we incorporate at the end of the document. *

Note: Companies with a turnover of more than € 10 million and operating in several Autonomous Communities will be able to claim the aid in all of them and not only in those with their tax headquarters.


What are the quantities and their characteristics?

The Autonomous Communities and Cities of Ceuta and Melilla will be responsible for establishing the criteria for aid per recipient, so that the following maximum limits are not exceeded:

1. 3,000 euros in the case of employers or professionals who apply the objective estimation system in the Personal Income Tax.

2. For those employers and professionals whose volume of annual operations declared or verified by the Administration, in Value Added Tax or equivalent indirect tax, has fallen by more than 30% in 2020 compared to the year 2019, the maximum aid to be granted will be 40% of the additional drop in income in the case of micro SMEs and the self-employed (with up to 10 workers), and up to 20% for the rest of the companies ( more than 10 workers). Specifically, the self-employed who apply the objective estimation system in the personal income tax may receive up to 3,000 euros and between a minimum of 4,000 and a maximum of 200,000 euros the rest of the self-employed and companies. To set the amount, proportional tranches will be established depending on the size and the drop in turnover. The Autonomous Communities may set additional criteria. These direct aids will be finalist, being used to satisfy the debt and make payments to suppliers and other creditors, financial and non-financial, as well as the fixed costs passed on to the self-employed and companies considered eligible as long as they have been reported between on March 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021. First of all, payments to suppliers will be satisfied, in order of seniority and, if necessary, the nominal value of the bank debt will be reduced, with a reduction in the nominal value of the debt with public guarantee.


covid aid application


The Spanish Government has agreed to distribute the money through the Autonomous Communities within a maximum period of one month and 10 days, ie at the end of April and subsequently they will define the conditions and time for companies and self-employed people can apply for them.
Calls are expected to open in May and have been paid to beneficiaries before the summer.


Additional help material:

Real Decreto-ley 5/2021, of March 13th, of extraordinary measures to support business solvency in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remember that in order to apply for the grant, you will need a digital certificate or Mobile idCAT. If you do not have a digital certificate, please contact us.


If you think you can meet the requirements and are interested in receiving this grant you can contact us at the following email:


*CNAE: 0710, 1052, 1083, 1101, 1103, 1413, 1419, 1420, 1439, 1811, 1812, 1813, 1814, 1820, 2051, 2441, 2670, 2731, 3212, 3213, 3316, 3530, 4616, 4617, 4624, 4634, 4636, 4637, 4638, 4639, 4644, 4648, 4719, 4724, 4725, 4741, 4751, 4762, 4771, 4772, 4777, 4782, 4789, 4799, 4931, 4932, 4939, 5010, 5030, 5110, 5221, 5222, 5223, 5510, 5520, 5530, 5590, 5610, 5621, 5629, 5630, 5813, 5914, 7420, 7711, 7712, 7721, 7722, 7729, 7733, 7734, 7735, 7739, 7911, 7912, 7990, 8219, 8230, 8299, 9001, 9002, 9004, 9102, 9103, 9104, 9200, 9311, 9313, 9319, 9312, 9329, 9523, 9525, 9601, 9604.

If you have a CNAE that is not listed, you can contact us. It is very possible that this list will expand as the call approaches.


Do you need financial solutions? Find out here how can we help you.


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Kumi Sneakers, the new vegan shoes

Kumi Sneakers, is a company of recent creation, with an immense desire to get things right. It is a brand of vegan and sustainable shoes.

Its ideals are:

Respect and love for animals.

Sustainability in the fashion industry: betting on a shift towards sustainable fashion made with recycled and vegan materials.

Support for local production: reducing the impact of CO2 and collaborating in the environment economy.


They are clients of Lladó Grup Consultor and Espai 114 since they started this adventure and today they start a new one, financing. We want you to know this company and the path they are traveling.

Alexandra and Sergio answer the questions we ask them:

What is KUMI SNEAKERS? Why vegan sneakers?

KUMI Sneakers is a brand of sustainable shoes, made with vegan and recycled materials, that means that do not have any animal components and they give a second chance to materials such as plastic, that does not decompose.


Our brand philosophy is based on three pillars: respect and love for animals, a sustainable fashion industry and support for the local economy. So one of our requirements when creating our Classic KS model is that the materials were vegan.

In addition, we wanted to break with the idea that vegan is boring, creating an original, colorful and urban design.


Why did you choose us, Espai114 for direct debit and Lladó for consulting services?

In the beginning we went to advise ourselves on the creation of a company in the Cambra de Comerç of Barcelona and there we were recommended the service of Lladó.

After contacting and evaluating the proposal they sent us, we saw that they met our main requirement: to be able to put in their hands all the management in relation to the company and not worry about topics that we do not know, since the services they offer are very complete and there is a team of experts with a lot of experience behind.

In addition, being an online company, we do not have a physical space todomiciliate our company. One of the advantages of the online world is not having to rent a space and, in a certain way, you save an expense. However, it is a necessary requirement when setting up an enterprise. From Lladó we were offered your Espai114 services and we saw that not only can we domiciliate our ocmpany, but we can use the coworking space when necessary and that there is direct communication with the team (for example, you notify us if we receive postal mail) and that it cares about the development of our project. So we are very happy with the treatment and service received.


What makes your production process special?

Following our brand philosophy, our sneakers are cruelty free. That means that we do not experiment with animals at any point in the production process.

Our shoes are produced in Elche in a shoe factory with a lot of experience in the sector. It is essential for us to have a close relationship with our suppliers that allows us to have constant communication, to know that adequate working conditions are met and to ensure that every detail of the production is taken care of.


Is it a national product? Do you prioritize KM0?

As mentioned, our shoes are manufactured in Elche and are designed in Barcelona. In addition to prioritizing in a close relationship with our suppliers, we also chose to manufacture in Spain to reduce transport CO2 emissions and support the local economy.


What do you consider to be the basic elements that an entrepreneurial project must bring together to succeed and grow?

We think that the main qualities that an entrepreneurial project should have are: to have very well defined your product or service, especially to identify its differential value, to create a plan that will help you move forward step by step without losing your way, the advise of specialized people in their field to support you in tasks in which you are inexperienced, and finally, to work very hard and be aware of how the sector is where you want to belong.


Why did you opt for this kind of crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows you to set your goal according to the needs of your project, for example, you can ask for 1000€ or 50,000€, which you think is necessary to be able to carry out your project. In addition, it allows both known and unknown people to support and value your project, so thanks to the contributions you also know the feasibility of going on the market and the possible success you will have. There are projects that have raised 200% more than in demand so they are now well-established and recognized brands in their sector. On the other hand, you’re not tied to financial institutions, and whether you’re getting it or not you’re getting your campaign goal, you’re not in debt.


Why Kickstarter?

We decided to opt for theKickstarter platform because it is one of the most important in terms of crowdfunding. It is an internationally known platform that has many active campaigns of different themes every day. It’s also very simple and intuitive to create a campaign on your platform.

To access the Kumi Sneakers campaign, you can click here.


What is the basis of the crowdfunding campaign you launch on thisplatform?

Our goal is to raise the money needed to be able to launch our brand to the market. In the campaign we explain in a very transparent way what has led us to create KUMI Sneakers and everything that surrounds the brand, from materials, the production process to certifications and collaborations.

People who contribute to our project (or backers) in exchange for their donation will receive as a reward a pack of shoes that can be a pair, two pairs, three pairs or six pairs depending on the amount contributed.

At the time of the campaign, it is a pre-sale as the shoes are not yet produced (that is why the crowdfunding objective). Once the campaign is over and the economic goal is reached, a list is sent to the factory to prepare all orders and send them as soon as possible to our backers.


Are you planning a communication campaign on this funding? Have you started it yet?

Yes, we’ve already started with pre-bell actions.

Today, even if you have a very powerful idea and project, it is very important to communicate it because otherwise all the effort and time invested can be left in nothing. That’s why, for about a fortnight, we started with advertising actions that will increase with the start of the campaign.


Once the financing plan is complete, do you plan to open a payment gateway on your website? What will commercialization look like?

Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, Classic KS shoes can be purchased through our website and with shipments worldwide.


As you say on your website, Kumi Sneakers is much more than a vegan sneaker project, you bet on sustainability and change in society and this deserves more than a place in the market.

We are delighted that you have given us this interview and from Espai 114 we wish you many successes.


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

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International Women’s Day

Today, March 8, International Women’s Day, we commemorate as every year the long struggle of women for their emancipation and active participation in society.


It is everyone’s job, regardless of gender, to work to end the discrimination still faced by women in many aspects of our society.

Women's First World War

British Poster for the Recruitment of Women to Armament Factories 1916. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

With World War I, women entered the jobs traditionally occupied by men, as they were fighting on the front line. At the end of the conflict, the return of women to their usual posts, with the inferiority of conditions before the war, led to the beginning of their struggle for equal labour rights.


This struggle leads us to the current employment situation, where the pay gapand glass ceilings are still a reality that causes a great imbalance between the opportunities of women and men to reach the same place and achieve the same goals.

women's world of work

Today we can say that women are present in virtually every sector of our economy and at all levels, even if we still have to get more representation at the highest levels within companies.


Women are employees, employers and self-employed. Our workforce contributes, at a minimum, to the same extent as that of men in the economy of our state.


On this International Women’s Day, from Espai 114 we want to remind you that you have at your disposal our Business Center (private offices, coworking, meeting room, entrepreneurship tools, financial solutions and labor, tax and legal consulting service) to support and grow all your professional projects.

women espai 114

This post is dedicated to the women who are part of the Espai 114 team.


We are theBusiness Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business and today more than ever to women.


In Espai 114 together we are a team; we want to inspire you and accompany you.

Subsidized training and RTER

Subsidized training: improve the competitiveness of your company by training your employees.

The training of workers is a decisive aspect in the success of companies. If they have the right knowledge and skills, they are productive workers so they help companies become competitive.

Today’s labour market requires everyone to constantly update knowledge and skills to adapt to industry-specific changes.

Currently, competition between companies is increasing, and this is when bonus training breaks out for companies. To make a difference you have to train the employees.

Subsidized training, also named continuous or programmed training, allows companies to provide their workers with training courses. These are related to the activity of the company or job, so that their professional skills and competencies are updated or improved.


Subsidized training

FUNDAE was born with the aim of reinforcing the importance of training within companies, to adapt an increasing labor market where it is essential to anticipate the needs that your company may have.

Every company that cots for its workers in the General Social Security Scheme has a fee to finance the training of its employees. Both large companies, SMEs, associations, foundations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

This training is a free training for workers and has a cost of 0 euros to companies,since the amount of the training is rewardable in social security fees.

How do I proceed to benefit from Subsidized Training?

The company has to pay the invoice before the start of the course and the month following the completion of the course, the corresponding bonus may apply to the Social Security payment of that month.

Note: Self-employed and civil servants cannot benefit from this training.


workers rter

RTER and Subsidized training in companies

With extraordinary urgent measures to address the economic and social impact of COVID-19, many companies were directly or indirectly affected by the health crisis and applied for a Record of Temporary Employment Regulation (RTER) dossier.

Workers affected by an RTER may perform subsidized training. This is established by Article 5 of Royal Decree 694/2017 of July 3, which implements Law 30/2015 of 9 September regulating the Vocational Training System for Employment in the field of employment. This indicates that:

“Employees providing their services in undertakings or public entities not eligible for training agreements in public administrations and social security for vocational training, including discontinued fixed workers in non-occupation periods, as well as workers who enter unemployment when in training periods and workers affected by temporary contract suspension measures may participate for economic, technical, organisational or production reasons, during their periods of suspension of employment”, i.e. workers who have been affected by RTER.

For this reason, taking advantage of this difficult situation for a company, we recommend that you use this time to train your team, whether they are teleworking, or in RTER.


worker training

If you are a worker and want to do a training related to your job, you will need to select the training course and inform your company that you are interested in taking a reward course for workers, to authorize it.

If you are acompany, you must select the training action that you want your employees to take or advise you to choose which training best suits you.

If you want to start subsidized training for your company, you will only have to contact us.


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

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