What is mentoring and how can it help you?

Mentoring is a technique or process that aims to establish a learning relationship between an inexperienced person on a topic or activity, and a “mentor”, that is, a person with previous experience in the field.

During this process, the mentor provides support, knowledge, skills, guidance, and all kinds of experiences to the other person to contribute to the achievement of the other person’s future goals.

Unlike other procedures, such as coaching, mentoring does not focus on achieving a specific goal, but serves as a reference to help you know how to face future situations, conversations or activities with the skills and tools acquired.

Therefore, it is important that in this process we establish a connection with our mentor based on mutual commitment, in order to perfectly understand their lessons thanks to this understanding and understanding.

As for how mentoring could help you, we list different benefits it can bring you:

  • Obtaining and developing skills: the information we learn will help us to work on what we want, developing hidden skills and learning new ones that can be useful in the future.

  • Personalized guidance: the mentor will get to know us and advise us according to our objectives, company or person. In this way, learning would be personalized for us and much more effective, since it will be adapted to our way of working and thinking.

  • Increased confidence and motivation: having as a reference other experiences and situations that the mentor will share with us, we will trust ourselves more and we will not be so afraid when executing different projects.
  • Improved decision-making: by having more self-confidence, being aware of the mistakes we make and knowing how to fix them, we will get an improvement in effective decision-making.

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