Advantages of flexiworking


The socio-labor reality has changed in the last decade and this year, 2020, the change has been radical.

Companies have adapted and changed their approach to valuing their workers. Efficiency is now more important than your workplace presence.

There are always resolute and organized people who in three hours can do the work that another colleague would do in five. And, for this reason, the concept of flexiworkingor flexible work was born.

This concept gives importance to the well done job, where do not matter programs or fixed offices and it is possible to work remotely or choose which days to work. Days off, vacations, schedules, and even the workplace are likely to adapt to the worker’s needswithin a more or lesser area.

Banco Santander implemented this practice in 2019.




flexiworking performance



The worker can take advantage of his most energy-efficient hours to meet his work obligations. Studies conclude that working from home increases productivity by 15%.



Workers feel the company trusts them. Your happiness and well-being increase as the bond with your company grows stronger.

This motivation makes your performance and effort greater and, as a result, increases productivity.


flexiworking savings
Reducing expenses

Companies that have part of the workforce teleworking may consider reducing their fixed costs. In addition, workers also reduce expenses, as they can save on commuting.



Job flexibility allows to respond to the demanded conciliation between working life and personal and family life. Choosing working hours, adapting rest times to personal needs, and being able to work from home represent a significant reduction in stressin workers.


flexiworking adaptation
More adaptation

Technology and Internet enable connection to work anytime, anywhere in the world, opening up a huge range of possibilities for the worker that translates into high levels of well-being and quality of life.

The worker can work from coworking spaces surrounded by people outside his company and take advantage of it to create synergies with them.

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