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Cost of setting up a business

What is the cost of establishing a business? Before investing the first euro in your future business, plan all the investment it will entail. In addition, you can see how you can finance in this post that we wrote on the blog.

According to the Expansion Dictionary, the costs of establishing a business are those that are accurate for the creation of the company and for the start of its activities, associated with the start-up of a commercial or industrial activity (such as studies, transfers, trademarks or patents), and which are carried out to the asset as a good of the company.

Forecasting results

How much could you sell in a month? From Espai114 we help you with our entrepreneurship tools,where you can find the business plan that we offer you for free.


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Detailing expenses

We want to list the actual expenses to start with a business. The items that generate the most fixed costs are those of the space and in human resources.

The costs of premises include a periodic lease, the deposits of the same, the conditioning works, the construction project, the furniture, the costs related to the maintenance of the premises: water supplies, electricity, telephone, cleaning and maintenance. You should also have a computer, a software to work with, a POS and a website, or online store… this would be joined by a computer service. Investing in an insurance policy and alarm system will save you a lot of headaches. When you start a business you also have to pay for municipal licenses, fees and taxes.

As for expenditures on human resources, you will have to budget payroll and premiums, depending on the number of workers you will have, in addition to the costs of the self-employed and the hiring of legal / labor / tax counseling. Travel and diets should also be taken into account.

To all the above you will have to add the expenses of banking services and financial expenses such as credit cards, or a vehicle or vehicles for the company, whether rental or own.

After all this great investment, you can not ignore other types of expenses characteristic of your activity, purchase of stock, courier services, logistics…

Put yourself in a situation

Thanks to the business plan we talked about earlier, you can make a feasibility plan and budget for what you’ll enter in the first year, even the next three. The key to viewing your business is knowing your fixed and variable expenses, how you will finance, how and when you will charge, etc.


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Renting a space in our Business Center will save many of these expenses and especially part of your time in contracting supplies, renovating a premises or buying the furniture. You have the option to rent a table in our coworking to start your activity, or if you are more than one or your business requires it, a private office.


Are you clear about the cost of setting up a business?


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