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Preventive measures for returning to the office

As the spanish saying goes, “mejor prevenir que curar” or “prevention is better than cure”. In the current situation, we should take this phrase as a maxim as the best way to avoid COVID-19 infection is to take preventive measures. Below are some recommendations to maximize safety during the course of our activity. In addition […]

Mobile phone addiction in coronavirus times

The truth is that there are many people addicted to mobile and most likely they don’t know it yet, especially since its use has been so normalized that it is not uncommon to see someone walking down the street and looking at the smartphone. Nomophobia is the word that defines this addiction and means “irrational […]

The benefits of working in our coworking in Badalona

Working in a coworking is booming. In cities such as Badalona, with a very high rental prices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a space of your own. But, with this new system on trend, getting a space to develop your activity will be much more affordable and, in addition, with many benefits. Do […]

Coworking: the importance of a good workspace

Working in a coworking like the One of Espai114 in Badalona will provide you with all the comforts that we detail below. Just because you work easily, with a computer on a table, doesn’t mean that what surrounds you doesn’t matter. The days can get a little long, because we spend a lot of time […]

Five key purposes to start the 2020

We are in February and you have not yet considered new purposes at the beginning of the new decade? We are here to help you. It is 2020, a rounded year, great to raise new goals to help us achieve success! To do this, it is important to be motivated, have attitude and patience, as […]

How to expand your facilities without making works

Normally, when we start a business, we don’t have space to have a meeting room or one in a position to make presentations of new services or products to our customers. We do not have facilities to offer training courses for our employees or to organize conventions of collaborators or suppliers. If we are in […]

Multicultural coworking

One of the most notorious features of Coworking is the diversity of profiles that use them. And we not only mention the types of professionals, we also refer to their origin. Working in a multicultural environment can help us to enrich ourselves culturally and significantly improve the following aspects: Communication: Normally, different languages ​​are spoken […]

Networking for the success of your business

Anglicism “networking” is a well-known veteran in the business world. It is considered one of the best strategies to expand your network of contacts, especially if you are an entrepreneur. The objective of this technique is, above all, to connect with people who need what you offer or who can recommend you to those who […]