Five key purposes to start the 2020

We are in February and you have not yet considered new purposes at the beginning of the new decade? We are here to help you.

It is 2020, a rounded year, great to raise new goals to help us achieve success! To do this, it is important to be motivated, have attitude and patience, as we can not achieve all in the short term.

From Espai114 we believe that having a few established purposes can be a help to improve as a work team. So we leave a series of proposals that you can apply this 2020 to reach the success of your company:

1. Pooling. After each working day, where different situations and issues arise, it is good to do an analysis. The best way to do this is to bring together the team the last 10 minutes and to share all the incidents that may have arisen to draw solutions or conclusions and thus establish a plan of action if they come back or take steps to avoid them.


2. Active breaks. It is true that to work well you must be eager and motivated, but we must also have energy. The performance of a worker depends very much on their mood and their physical state. It is important and necessary to make a series of breaks during working hours. Putting ourselves in situation, if the worker has spent several hours sitting in front of the computer, it would be advisable to make a 5-minute exercise routine to activate the movement of the legs, fingers and eyesight, for example, since they will have been the more used body parts. Here we leave you some examples.


3. Group objectives. We know it’s important to set goals correctly to fulfill them, but it is even better to be all satisfied during this process. Creating common goals for the whole team, we can get members to help each other and not have misunderstandings or other uncomfortable situations created by rivalry. This way we will achieve a more comfortable work environment.


4. Afterwork. The relationship that is created between workers during working hours in the company is not the same as in leisure situations with friends. Usually, discussion issues that emerge do not create a great bond between workers. A great purpose can be doing afterworks every month or a few times a year; meeting with all the colleagues in a different space than the office. For example, our Espai114 Room is perfect to carry out this meetings and to carry out different activities to disconnect from the work and to create a good climate among colleagues.


5. Coworking. If you are self-employed and working from home, you will know that sometimes it is difficult to organize a specific timetable to focus on the work and, if achieved, often unexpected distractions emerge that make it very difficult to focus completely on what we are doing. The easiest and most effective way to solve this is to work in a coworking space. These types of spaces provide you with all the comforts you need to develop your work along with a common working environment that helps you to concentrate on your projects.

We could expand the list with many other purposes for this year 2020, but we believe that these are targets for increasing workers wellbeing that will help you improve your company’s performance.

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In Espai 114 together we are a team; we want to inspire and accompany you.