kumi sneakers

Kumi Sneakers, the new vegan shoes

Kumi Sneakers, is a company of recent creation, with an immense desire to get things right. It is a brand of vegan and sustainable shoes.

Its ideals are:

Respect and love for animals.

Sustainability in the fashion industry: betting on a shift towards sustainable fashion made with recycled and vegan materials.

Support for local production: reducing the impact of CO2 and collaborating in the environment economy.


They are clients of Lladó Grup Consultor and Espai 114 since they started this adventure and today they start a new one, financing. We want you to know this company and the path they are traveling.

Alexandra and Sergio answer the questions we ask them:

What is KUMI SNEAKERS? Why vegan sneakers?

KUMI Sneakers is a brand of sustainable shoes, made with vegan and recycled materials, that means that do not have any animal components and they give a second chance to materials such as plastic, that does not decompose.


Our brand philosophy is based on three pillars: respect and love for animals, a sustainable fashion industry and support for the local economy. So one of our requirements when creating our Classic KS model is that the materials were vegan.

In addition, we wanted to break with the idea that vegan is boring, creating an original, colorful and urban design.


Why did you choose us, Espai114 for direct debit and Lladó for consulting services?

In the beginning we went to advise ourselves on the creation of a company in the Cambra de Comerç of Barcelona and there we were recommended the service of Lladó.

After contacting and evaluating the proposal they sent us, we saw that they met our main requirement: to be able to put in their hands all the management in relation to the company and not worry about topics that we do not know, since the services they offer are very complete and there is a team of experts with a lot of experience behind.

In addition, being an online company, we do not have a physical space todomiciliate our company. One of the advantages of the online world is not having to rent a space and, in a certain way, you save an expense. However, it is a necessary requirement when setting up an enterprise. From Lladó we were offered your Espai114 services and we saw that not only can we domiciliate our ocmpany, but we can use the coworking space when necessary and that there is direct communication with the team (for example, you notify us if we receive postal mail) and that it cares about the development of our project. So we are very happy with the treatment and service received.


What makes your production process special?

Following our brand philosophy, our sneakers are cruelty free. That means that we do not experiment with animals at any point in the production process.

Our shoes are produced in Elche in a shoe factory with a lot of experience in the sector. It is essential for us to have a close relationship with our suppliers that allows us to have constant communication, to know that adequate working conditions are met and to ensure that every detail of the production is taken care of.


Is it a national product? Do you prioritize KM0?

As mentioned, our shoes are manufactured in Elche and are designed in Barcelona. In addition to prioritizing in a close relationship with our suppliers, we also chose to manufacture in Spain to reduce transport CO2 emissions and support the local economy.


What do you consider to be the basic elements that an entrepreneurial project must bring together to succeed and grow?

We think that the main qualities that an entrepreneurial project should have are: to have very well defined your product or service, especially to identify its differential value, to create a plan that will help you move forward step by step without losing your way, the advise of specialized people in their field to support you in tasks in which you are inexperienced, and finally, to work very hard and be aware of how the sector is where you want to belong.


Why did you opt for this kind of crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding allows you to set your goal according to the needs of your project, for example, you can ask for 1000€ or 50,000€, which you think is necessary to be able to carry out your project. In addition, it allows both known and unknown people to support and value your project, so thanks to the contributions you also know the feasibility of going on the market and the possible success you will have. There are projects that have raised 200% more than in demand so they are now well-established and recognized brands in their sector. On the other hand, you’re not tied to financial institutions, and whether you’re getting it or not you’re getting your campaign goal, you’re not in debt.


Why Kickstarter?

We decided to opt for theKickstarter platform because it is one of the most important in terms of crowdfunding. It is an internationally known platform that has many active campaigns of different themes every day. It’s also very simple and intuitive to create a campaign on your platform.

To access the Kumi Sneakers campaign, you can click here.


What is the basis of the crowdfunding campaign you launch on thisplatform?

Our goal is to raise the money needed to be able to launch our brand to the market. In the campaign we explain in a very transparent way what has led us to create KUMI Sneakers and everything that surrounds the brand, from materials, the production process to certifications and collaborations.

People who contribute to our project (or backers) in exchange for their donation will receive as a reward a pack of shoes that can be a pair, two pairs, three pairs or six pairs depending on the amount contributed.

At the time of the campaign, it is a pre-sale as the shoes are not yet produced (that is why the crowdfunding objective). Once the campaign is over and the economic goal is reached, a list is sent to the factory to prepare all orders and send them as soon as possible to our backers.


Are you planning a communication campaign on this funding? Have you started it yet?

Yes, we’ve already started with pre-bell actions.

Today, even if you have a very powerful idea and project, it is very important to communicate it because otherwise all the effort and time invested can be left in nothing. That’s why, for about a fortnight, we started with advertising actions that will increase with the start of the campaign.


Once the financing plan is complete, do you plan to open a payment gateway on your website? What will commercialization look like?

Once the crowdfunding campaign is over, Classic KS shoes can be purchased through our website and with shipments worldwide.


As you say on your website, Kumi Sneakers is much more than a vegan sneaker project, you bet on sustainability and change in society and this deserves more than a place in the market.

We are delighted that you have given us this interview and from Espai 114 we wish you many successes.


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