Mobile phone addiction in coronavirus times

The truth is that there are many people addicted to mobile and most likely they don’t know it yet, especially since its use has been so normalized that it is not uncommon to see someone walking down the street and looking at the smartphone.

Nomophobia is the word that defines this addiction and means “irrational fear of being without the mobile phone. This word comes from: “no mobile phone phobia”.


  • Use your mobile phone while watching TV or just have it on, but paying attention only to the phone.
  • The person is constantly keeping an eye on the phone, even when they are with more people having a conversation.
  • If the person is nervous or irritated when they don’t have their mobile phone nearby, if they don’t have coverage or are running out of battery.
  • When you get to have physical problems such as muscle contractures, dry eyes…
  • Steal your sleep hours to dedicate them to social media.


There are some apps to check if you’re addicted, which make a statistic of how many times you unlock your phone. This way you can see if you really overuse.



At the moment that we are living, there is also the danger to the over-manipulation of this gadget.

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, people have had to confine ourselves to our homes and this has caused virtually the whole world to be paralyzed.

Leisure platforms like Netflix or HBO have a lot of subscribers these days. Schools and universities, to track classes, use programs like Blackboard or Google Classroom, and companies want to standardize contact with their employees through meetings through Teams, as most temworks are working from home these days.

In addition to these applications, along with WhatsApp, Skype and the like are allowing us to be in touch with our entire social circle,separated by the covid-19 quarantine.



Therefore, there are a large number of people connected for most of the day for one reason or another.

So, at this time more than ever, we must be vigilant and make responsible use of mobile phone and technology. And is that“the more exposure, the greater the risk”. This is what specialists in technological addictions argue.

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