coworking espai de treball compartit Badalona Espai114 centre de negocis business center

The benefits of working in our coworking in Badalona

Working in a coworking is booming. In cities such as Badalona, with a very high rental prices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a space of your own. But, with this new system on trend, getting a space to develop your activity will be much more affordable and, in addition, with many benefits.

Do you want to know 6 benefits of working in our coworking? Keep reading!

  • Comfort and concentration.

coworking espai de treball compartit Badalona Espai114 centre de business centre

Professional spaces help you organize your work and social life by creating a separation between them and increasing work efficiency in addition to your comfort and well-being. In our space you will find all the comforts you need and also the isolation you need to concentrate.

  • The location.

Badalona Espai114 business center

The location of your business is very important. Developing your activity from home involves many problems beyond work. For this reason, Espai114 is located in the center of Badalona, 10 minutes walk from public transport, bus lines, metro and train.

  • Networking.

In a coworking full of professionals your contact network will increase exponentially. In addition, you will socialize and that will help you maintain a better work environment. In our coworking you will find professionals from different sectors with which you can create beneficial synergies.

  • Updates.

Our coworking space promotes creativity. Innovation and information sharing among professionals help you stay up to date and informed.

  • Brand image.

The modern, formal, professional, technologically equipped and aesthetically designed space of our coworking will help your company improve its image in the face of customers or suppliers. In addition, in Espai114,we offer you a large multifunctional room where you can hold meetings or events.

  • Create your own schedule.

Our coworking is open 24h/7 days a week, so you will have a flexible schedule adapted to your needs.


Once you’ve analyzed all the advantages, do you dare to join our coworking and give your company the push it needs? Improve your working life and facilitate your social life, with a perfect workspace with the best facilities.

We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai114 together we form a team; We want to inspire you and accompany you.