Create your hybrid event in our space room 114

The crisis generated by the pandemic has meant a major change in the dynamics of meetings and events. The slow recovery of the sector has caused many companies to look for various alternatives to continue developing events safely.

It is clear that face-to-face meetings will not disappear, as human interaction is very important for exchanging knowledge. It is for this reason that the best option currently is hybrid events, which are held virtually and in person at the same time.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is one that takes place in a physical location, with limited capacity and, at the same time, another part of the audience attends online.

This format is very useful when some attendees cannot attend in person.



Advantages of hybrid events

1. Online attendance allows us to get real-time feedback from participants, providing relevant information such as exact numbers of attendance, degree of interest, time spent in the room, percentage of interaction, etc. Which allows the organizers to make strategic decisions about the development of the event itself.


2. In this type of event, the costs are lower than the fully face-to-face ones, since a large part of the costs of travel, hotels, transport, catering, etc. are dispensed with.


3. It allows you to get a wider audience, since the virtual option can reach a larger volume of people.


4. This format is more friendly for the new generations, they are already more common at online events.




Now that you know what hybrid events are and what their benefits are, do you think they fit your business? If the answer is positive, La Sala d’Espai 114 is at your disposal so that you can hold your events, both hybrid and face-to-face.

We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business. In Espai 114 together we form a team; we want to inspire you and accompany you.