How to make the most of Linkedin as a freelancer

Nowadays, the classic resume is no longer enough to make your skills and abilities known. For this same reason, LinkedIn is currently the most widespread professional platform in the professional world, as you can use it to find work or internships, connect with professionals and to make yourself known as a professional and as a company.

For this reason, we give you tips to get the most out of this social network.


A complete profile

The first step is to fill in as much as possible all the sections provided by Linkedin, both about your education and your professional experience, skills, contact details, etc.

When filling in the information, use keywords. This way when they do a search it will be more likely that they will reach your profile.

Profile picture

It is proven that profiles that have a photo inserted have more views than those that do not. The image must be of good quality, with a more or less neutral background and with a style of clothing suitable for your profession.

Be part of groups

The goal is to stay informed about your industry and participate in it to become a reference.



Share content

In addition to sharing your own content, also share content from other members of the social network, which is related to your sector, always giving credit to the author of the publication. This way you will increase the chances of being seen.



You already know what the key points are to maximize your Linkedin profile. You are now just a few steps away from taking full advantage of this great professional platform.

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