Multicultural coworking

One of the most notorious features of Coworking is the diversity of profiles that use them. And we not only mention the types of professionals, we also refer to their origin.

Working in a multicultural environment can help us to enrich ourselves culturally and significantly improve the following aspects:

  • Communication: Normally, different languages ​​are spoken in coworking spaces, this can be an opportunity for those who want to learn a foreign language or improve it if they already have a base.
  • Tolerance: Working with people of different nationalities helps us and teaches respect for diversity. Having tolerance in these cases will help us make our labor relations better and more fluid, respecting the beliefs or opinions of others.
  • Learn new things: Working alongside people from other countries allows us to learn new things continuously. This is so professionally and personally. That is why it is an opportunity for constant growth, for the mere fact of being in contact with people who have lived what we do not know.
  • Creativity: it is closely linked to communication, learning new things and having a very open mind. If you want to learn about other cultures, you will be more receptive when it comes to understanding their values ​​and this will allow you to stimulate your creativity.


Definitely working in a multicultural environment is very important when advancing professionally; It makes us more tolerant, respectful people and enriches us in every way. For this reason Coworking spaces have an added value, and in Espai114 we are witnesses of it!


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