meeting room

How to expand your facilities without making works

Normally, when we start a business, we don’t have space to have a meeting room or one in a position to make presentations of new services or products to our customers. We do not have facilities to offer training courses for our employees or to organize conventions of collaborators or suppliers. If we are in any of these cases, it is not necessary to consider making works or looking for a new and larger venue with the discomfort that would entail.


When we have the need to call a meeting and have nowhere to do it, there is the possibility of renting a room elsewhere, which may be close to our business or in a certain place. The best option is to rent it in an establishment designed specifically for this use. This way it will be easier for the space to be equipped with everything we may need: furniture, Internet connection, projector, sound system, multimedia and much more.

In addition, many of these rooms are modulable by varying their layout according to our needs at all times, being usual that they can adapt to different purposes: meeting room, trainings, workshops, exhibitions, etc.


At Espai114 we offer you The Meeting Room, our space in Badalona, versatile and open, specially designed to achieve different functions and adapt to changes and all kinds of needs. It is ready to host all kinds of meetings such as meetings, afterworks, conferences, courses, training, events…

In addition, we offer you two options; rent only the private room or rent all the space (two floors). Ask us for more information through the form you will find here.


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