trabajar en un coworking

Summer coworking

We’d be fooling ourselves if we said we’re just as productive in summer as we were in the rest of the year. Heat, beach or summer plans can play a role.

Are you one of those people who can’t afford to disconnect from work in the summer? Working in a Coworking can be a very good idea!

Working from home can be very complicated, and those who have children know it very well, as they are their months of vacation and are at home all day. Screams, laughter, anger… All this makes it impossible to concentrate and create a suitable working environment. And if it’s not the kids, there’s always going to be some distraction in between!

Time flexibility is helpful if you have to work in the summer. The people who work in our Coworking have access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is an advantage if one day you have to work very late or you are simply inspired and want to prepare an important meeting.

Summer can be a time of relaxation and happiness, but it can also be a bit harsh. High temperatures can cause our work rate to slow considerably, but our great ally is the air conditioning that makes our working days more bearable.

The location of our Coworking in Badalona is perfect. We are in the center of Badalona, in an area very well connected with several bus lines that work very well, and close to the metro and train stops.

Can you imagine shutting down the computer at 17:00, and going straight for a walk along the Badalona’s Rambla? Much quieter than the Barcelona’s one, it invites you to have an ice cream while walking quietly, disconnecting from work.

Also, we are only 5 minutes walk from the beach, what more can you ask for?

Many times we have taken advantage of this together with our Coworkers, and we have made meetings to go to the beach. As good early birds, we usually meet at 7:30h on the beach to take the first dip of the day and have breakfast together.

We can’t complain about the restaurants we have nearby either. From time to time we will also eat together, and among the restaurants that we like the most there are que Que s’hi cou, Cafè de les Antípodes or Fujitaka Teppan Okonomiyaki. Always teaming up!

Working in a Coworking space in summer allows you to have more concentration, flexibility, comfort and the opportunity to work with and learn from other professionals. What are you waiting for to jump into the Coworker lifestyle?


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