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Form yourself for free!

Do you know the subsidized formation?

Whether you are active at work or unemployed, you have probably wondered at some point how to reinvent yourself, improve your skills and open up new opportunities in the workplace.

Formation is the most useful tool to improve your resume and grow professionally.

What is subsidized formation?

They are free courses that are part of the Formación Profesional para el Empleo (FPE) and depend on the Ministry of Employment and Social Security. These subsidized courses will allow you to form and acquire knowledge of the course, and can also serve as a cover letter when looking for work.

In Espai114 we provide subsidized formation courses aimed at workers, freelancers and people in unemployment. We do this in close collaboration with Carmen Jiménez from Enebra and Criteria Recursos Humanos, to be able to offer a wide range of courses that adapt to the different needs of the students.

Some of the most successful courses during this last call have been Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness.

The concept of Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability to recognize one’s own and others’ feelings. The trainer in this field has been Isabel Lerín,and the course aims the following aspects:

  • Improve professional training in order to use emotional intelligence at work.
  • Learn what emotional intelligence is and the impact it has on our lives on a cognitive, attitudinal and psychological level.
  • Know the basic emotions to enjoy better intra-personal and interpersonal relationships.


On the other hand, the concept of Mindfulness refers to the ability to recognize what is happening while it is happening, accepting the way things are happening. The Mindfulness course aims to:

  • Provide the necessary techniques to increase levels of awareness, contributing to better change management, optimizing decision-making, managing day-to-day crises and challenges, as well as obtaining well-being and high personal and professional performance.
  • Establish an action plan for personal and professional improvement in aspects of self-awareness, emotional control, change management and general well-being.

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge, this is your chance!

Visit our Subsidized Training section and you will be able to consult the courses that will be taught soon. Join!

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