domiciliar empresa

Why domiciling your business? Discover the benefits of doing it in a Business Center

Have you thought about domiciling your company?

If you are self-employed or entrepreneurial you should already know that your company must have a social and a fiscal domicile. Now, if you’re not yet clear about the functions of each of them, we detail them:

  • The social domicile is the address of the place where the company’s activity takes place. This address is public and can be found in the Commercial Register.
  • The fiscal domicile is the address that will be recorded for the company’s relationship with the Tax Administration. This address will not be public.


Both addresses may or may not coincide, in addition they may be different from the business address, which is where the company relates to its customers and/or suppliers.


Once the concepts are clarified, what is the social domiciliation? Your company’s social domiciliation in a Business Center consists on adopting the direction of this one as the social and/or fiscal headquarter of your own business.


It’s easy to find out some of the advantages of domiciling your business into a Business Center:

  • Locating the company in a location other than the personal address or the domicile of another potential business will help you avoid unwanted business links.
  • Placing your company’s domicile in a strategic location like the center of a city will help you position yourself and bring you prestige.
  • You will be able to receive courier and parcels during the business hours of the Business Center.
  • You will have the possibility to use some of the facilities of the center as a meeting room to meet with your clients.


If you have already decided to domiciliate your business in a business center, remember that in Espai 114 we offer you this service, with the great advantage of being located in the center of Badalona.


Another service we also offer is the management and administration of electronic notifications from Social Security, Tax Administration and the Barcelona Provincial Council. In this way we will control for you the notifications that can reach you from these different platforms.


We invite you to consult us without commitment any questions about social domiciliation, and also about the cost of this service.


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai114 together we are a team; we want to inspire you and accompany you.