The dreaded return from vacation… It won’t be that bad!

We are already in the most feared month: September. It’s time to close the holidays and we are still thinking about beaches, trips, dinners and after-dinner that never end.

After all the year working, we wait for the holidays to rest physically and mentally and be able to enjoy with family, couple or friends. The reality is that, after these days, we have to return to the routine, but this does not have to be a negative turn. We will leave you a few tips to make it easier.

September does not mean that the “good life” of summer ends, nor that we can not make getaways on the weekend. Before the weather change begins and we have to take out the jackets, we can continue to take time to relax or recreate so as not to have to make such a sudden change of routine.

On weekends we can think about making getaways to the mountains, finding rivers and doing activities to pass the residual heat that September leaves us.

In the city, surely during these times that we have disconnected they have opened a restaurant nearby, they have released a film or they have inaugurated an art exhibition. It is a good time to visit new places with friends and disconnect.

Getting ahead of ourselves a couple of days and starting to adapt to what the return will be is a good way so that it does not catch us unexpectedly and we can begin to establish the new guidelines to return to the routine. Doing sports on a regular basis is a very good option, as it will help us establish a time schedule.

The end of summer also brings good things. The unbearable heat will leave us and in a few weeks we can begin to enjoy the sunsets that autumn leaves us or the impressive changes in color of the vegetation.


And if your holidays start in September, we leave you a post with a few tips on how to disconnect for holidays.


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