estalvi energetic a l'oficina

Energy savings in the office. It’s possible?

Energy saving. Normally, we talk about the energy saving at house, but it is not the only place where there are excessive energy expenses for the environment, it also occurs in the offices where we work.

We almost spent the same hours in the office as at home, or even longer. That is why we must take similar measures.

Depending on the characteristics of the space we use in the office, there are different ways to save energy.

Now, how can we carry out energy saving systems in our offices, or workspaces such as coworking?

Light and electricity are two very important factors. We can save energy by using LED lights and, if our space makes it possible, by taking advantage of natural light. It is also very important when we leave the office, to leave all electrical appliances off, since even if they remain at rest, they continue to consume electricity.


energy savings

Ventilation and air conditioning are also a relevant part of saving energy. If we can, we must keep the windows open when the outside temperature is pleasant, so we will avoid turning on air conditioners. Similarly, if we have air conditioning or heating on, keep doors and windows closed, for a good use of resources.

Spaces where there are no staff, such as meeting rooms, sinks… We should not keep them refrigerated.

It is also important that the office thermostats are programmed with an optimal and recommended temperature of between 20° and 22° in winter and between 23° and 25° in summer.

And last but not least, saving paper and recycling it is another way to contribute.

Use recycled paper, print as few documents as possible and try to send them online. If they are documents that we must print, we can use the double-sided and the black and white format.

These are some of the options that we can put into practice to contribute to the energy saving on our offices.

In addition, by clicking here, you have a guide to energy saving and efficiency in offices and offices.

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