que es el blue monday

What is Blue Monday

Today, Monday, January 18, 2021, is Blue Monday,considered the saddest day of the year, but why? What reason makes it to be considered the saddest day? We will explain below why it has this negative consideration.


blue monday

Why is it considered the saddest day of the year?

This unfortunate recognition arose in 2005, when psychologist Cliff Arnall tried to calculate what was the worst day of the year. To this end, he took into account in the weather, the large Christmas expenses and the frustrated purposes of previous years. He also introduced statistics of motivational levels, among other data, to finish calculating which day was the winner of this bad “fame”.

Cliff Arnall, looking at what his patients were telling him, analyzed the factors that stressed those who came to his workshops and concluded that on the third Monday in January of each year he was“particularly depressing.”

In English, the blue word is used to describe sad or depressing things. That’s why he called this day Blue Monday.

Despite his study and conclusion, many people criticize his theories and question his thesis.

What do you think about this day?

fight blue monday

Let’s face Blue Monday with the best SMILE.

We know that this day encourages us to let ourselves be carried away by sadness and apathy, so from Espai114 we want to encourage you to be positive and turn the Blue Monday upside down.

1. Think about it’s one more Monday and it doesn’t have to be better or worse than any other. You decide the attitude with which to face the day.

2. Watch what goes through your mind. Don’t get carried away by negative thoughts and take controlby focusing them on good things.

3. If you really feel it’s not your best day, avoid making decisions that may be motivated by your mood.

4. To cheer you up, do activitiesthat motivate you and have fun. Once your workday is over (or before you start it), do activities that evade you such as exercising, watching series or spending time on your hobby.

5. Finally, there is no sad day that persists by spending a good time in good company. Try to surround yourself with a member of your bubble group to put negative thoughts aside.


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