Workshop: How to make one?

The Workshop It is the meeting of people with common interests who share knowledge and information through practical activities, with the aim of developing concrete skills. These short exercises are introduced to participants by an instructor who guides them and helps them discuss and execute the activities. We’ll help you understand how to make one.

Organizing an event of this type may require considerable effort, but implementing it in your company can help your employees generate new ideas and develop projects optimally. So, if you’re considering creating a workshop, you need to follow some basic steps:

  1. Plan your event: It is important to plan your session before starting with the main idea of the exercise. It is necessary to take into account where it will take place, the number of people who will participate, the date and duration of the event, as well as the specific objectives to be achieved.
  2. Analyze the target audience: By knowing your customers and potential consumers, you will be able to better understand their needs and be inspired to create new ideas.
  3. Structuring the workshop: Once the audience has been analyzed, it is important to structure the activity. Identifying the skills to be developed among the participants and establishing the topics to be discussed during the activity are fundamental steps. It is necessary to create introductory questions to engage participants and explain post-exercise tasks, such as analysis of results.
  4. Conclusions: When the activity ends, it is essential to draw conclusions. These should reflect both the results of the workshop and the ideas that emerged during the exercise.

Using these steps and encouraging a positive and entrepreneurial attitude, you will be able to carry out your workshop successfully. In Espai 114 we have La Sala, a multifunctional space in the center of Badalona that will be perfect to carry out your workshop.

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