Green jobs, contributing to the adaptation against climate change

Green Jobs. We explain you what they are.

We are in a new era where climate change is no longer just a reality, but we live the consequences day after day. Global warming, pollution of oceans and rivers and air pollution are in the news every week.

The growth of the global population, the large industries, the habits of life that we are accustomed to lead and the level of consumption evoke the degeneration of our planet.

We have long been in this situation and thousands of people are already working on the ecological transition to improve the condition of planet earth.

We are talking about Green Jobs. What are they?

According to the ILO’s Green Jobs Programme, are works that contribute to preserving and restoring the environment by incorporating one or more of the following aspects: increasing the efficiency of the consumption of energy and raw materials; limit greenhouse gas emissions; minimise waste and pollution; protect and restore ecosystems; and contribute to adaptation to climate change.

The new Green Economy economic development model was born to be able to reconcile economic growth that generates a sustainable environmental impact and collective well-being.

This new model has created and transformed jobs in Green Jobs in different sectors such as industry, construction, urban planning, agriculture and tourism among many others.

There are a wide variety of “green” jobs, but here are examples of some of them:

Installers and designers of photovoltaic systems: they are profiles that are increasingly requested, since they give both companies and individuals economic benefits for the energy adaptation of sources such as solar, an alternative to the traditional ones we know.

Energy manager: is the person in charge of rationalizing energy consumption in companies. Its responsibility is to ensure energy efficiency, limit waste and, as much as possible, it must be able to be in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energies.

Quantity surveyors or architects: These are the ones in charge of giving the Energy Certificates. They are the people in charge of evaluating the energy behavior of a house or any space that needs this certificate, also taking into account the materials with which it is built.

Environmental chemists: they are experts in seeing eco-sustainability levels. They must be able to foresee and study with a high degree of precision the results of the interaction between the natural environment and chemicals.

Ecochef: Although it may not seem like it, agriculture and livestock play a very important role in these aspects. The ecochef site is responsible for contributing and contributing to the creation of eating habits with less impact, such as Km0 products. At the same time that they contribute to local trade, they help reduce emissions, since they do not participate in the industrial transport of food between countries.

These are just some examples, but there is a wide range of jobs considered Green Jobs, which will increasingly be transformed and evolved so that, together, we can improve the living conditions on our planet.

And, even if your work is not green, you can start contributing with your grain of sand individually either by recycling or using public transport, for example.
In this link we leave you an entry in which we talk about how to reduce energy consumption in offices to collaborate with the fight against climate change.


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Ways to break the ice in a video call

The pandemic has meant a before and after in the world of work. One of the most significant aspects is the acceleration of the digitization of companies. This has meant a reduction in costs thanks to teleworking, easier to work safely and less stress.

Some studies show that 80% of workers enjoy working at home more than in the office, claim to be less stressed and think they are more productive. This factor positively affects the company, since they are less costs and consumption of office supplies.

Working from home and meeting by video call has proven very useful for the daily management of tasks, since it saves us both costs and time (travel, materials, work trips…).


It is important to stay connected to colleagues/partners/clients in our working day and we must try to stay focused to be productive. Breaking the ice helps us, provides a good atmosphere, involves everyone and encourages comfort in the video call.


Here are some ways to break the ice in a video call:

  • The presentation is a good first step to break the ice.

Introduce yourself with your name, where you are, what your workplace is… Say everything that is interesting and important to everyone else. In addition, we must also take into account nonverbal communication, since it can convey the opposite of what you are saying. So be careful with that look. Try to maintain the correct posture and tone of voice, adequate clothing… As the communications expert Tessa Aparicio-Curreen states, it is very considerable to take into account the way we address the public.

  • Comment on a current affair.

It is easy and also a good way to break the ice. It is an opportunity to engage all participants and involve them all in the conversation.

  • Create teams.

You can divide the meeting (in the case of being a large group) and make them participate with each other or another option is to make the members participate in the chat.

In short, the most important thing is to create a good working climate at the meeting, since this will make people comfortable, the ice will break spontaneously and no dynamics will need to be done because it will come out alone.


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Inbound Marketing: How to capture and maintain my clients?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Attracting and retaining customers, according to salespeople, is one of the most difficult tasks, but at the most important time for the company. This is a long-term task.


Clearly, the work of a company is to get customers and that they continue to work with us but this entails a great dedication.


According to data from IDC (Contribution Data Report) customers think of 39% that their experience is a key factor in buying back or relying on a company. Therefore, taking this percentage into account, we share a strategy to maintain and capture our potential customers.

The strategy we will focus on is the so-called Inbound Marketing, which is one of the keys to success for 2022. This strategy aims to make it the customer himself who finds the company.


Customer Acquisition Strategy



Inbound Marketing: What is it?


It is a digital strategy that seeks to attract customers with useful, attractive and relevant content for them.


The origin of Inbound Marketing dates back to the 1950s, when the market research technique arose and this allowed marketing professionals to collect information about the interests of buyers and thus create campaigns better adapted and segmented by consumers.

How do we make the customer find in the company? Through the creation of quality content and that’s attractive to capture the customer and be able to satisfy their need.


Inbound Marketing Phases


The 4 Phases of Inbound Marketing:


1. ATTRACTING unknown


This first step is key to success. We have to define who our customers are. With this we will get to know our potential customers and we will be able to know how to reach them to capture them.


Once the profile of our potential customer has been analyzed, we will create content of interest to him and share it using social networks and/or a blog. In a blog, we will have to use keywords that will help us obtain a better SEO and we will position ourselves better in internet search engines.


Inbound Marketing AttractIng Phase


2. CONVERT visits


In this step customers already know us. They know how we can cover their needs and that’s where we need to act.


Our goal is to collect a record of the visits that we may have had on our website, online store or social networks. We need to find a way to collect relevant information from our customers for us so that later we get in touch with them.. For example, using subscription forms, calls-to-action or landing pages.


Phase Convert Inbound Marketing


3. CLOSE client


Next, we need to get our leads to be attracted to our content so that they finally become in our customers. With the previous step we have already obtained a customer database. Now we have to prepare ourselves to offer a solution to your needs or problems. We will have to do it by offering relevant and accurate information, so that it finally chooses us and not the competition. We can do it through newsletters, specific actions, CRM…


Phase Close Inbound Marketing customers


4. DELIGHT the promoters


In this last step (one of the most difficult, but at the same time one of the most satisfactory) we must try to build customer loyalty.


For the company a loyal customer is one of the best rewards. Our goal is for the client to trust us again and repeat.


For this step we may use content on social networks, event organization or satisfaction forms.


Inbound Marketing Promoters Phase


Following these four phases we put Inbound Marketing into practice. It is a process that takes time but in a short to medium term bears fruit.



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Synergies between Espai 114 and Lladó Consultor Group

Espai 114 is a support space for entrepreneurs and businessmen, where you can enjoy the different services of a business center, consulting and coworking space.




In our Business Center you can find various services, from renting a coworking table to a private office, a meeting room to do an interview or training for 20 people, domiciliate your companies to receive your customers and your correspondence and we will be able to manage your electronic notifications.

In addition, you can contract the technical services to carry out bonus training for your workers and also process a subsidy that may be suitable for your project. In short, we liketo deal withentrepreneurship and support new business projects and see them grow.

By clicking on this link of Espai 114 you can see the services we offer you.


coworking entrepreneurs


All these services and more, you can find them in Espai 114, a business center in the heart of Badalona.

As we know, all our clients are entrepreneurs or businessmen who need the services of a consultancy, and we go hand in hand withLLADÓ CONSULTOR GROUP. A team of professionals (economists, lawyers, labour advisors…) with proven experience and great reputation in the business consulting sector.




If you have hired or want to hire one of our coworking services or offices and want to have the consulting services of the labour, tax and/or legal departments, you should know that you will get a discount that will be applied to your monthly fee.

Ask us for this benefit and we will support you in your businessproject in all its aspects.


coworking badalona


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International Women’s Day

Today, March 8, International Women’s Day, we commemorate as every year the long struggle of women for their emancipation and active participation in society.


It is everyone’s job, regardless of gender, to work to end the discrimination still faced by women in many aspects of our society.

Women's First World War

British Poster for the Recruitment of Women to Armament Factories 1916. Photo: Hulton Archive/Getty Images.

With World War I, women entered the jobs traditionally occupied by men, as they were fighting on the front line. At the end of the conflict, the return of women to their usual posts, with the inferiority of conditions before the war, led to the beginning of their struggle for equal labour rights.


This struggle leads us to the current employment situation, where the pay gapand glass ceilings are still a reality that causes a great imbalance between the opportunities of women and men to reach the same place and achieve the same goals.

women's world of work

Today we can say that women are present in virtually every sector of our economy and at all levels, even if we still have to get more representation at the highest levels within companies.


Women are employees, employers and self-employed. Our workforce contributes, at a minimum, to the same extent as that of men in the economy of our state.


On this International Women’s Day, from Espai 114 we want to remind you that you have at your disposal our Business Center (private offices, coworking, meeting room, entrepreneurship tools, financial solutions and labor, tax and legal consulting service) to support and grow all your professional projects.

women espai 114

This post is dedicated to the women who are part of the Espai 114 team.


We are theBusiness Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business and today more than ever to women.


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Subsidized training and RTER

Subsidized training: improve the competitiveness of your company by training your employees.

The training of workers is a decisive aspect in the success of companies. If they have the right knowledge and skills, they are productive workers so they help companies become competitive.

Today’s labour market requires everyone to constantly update knowledge and skills to adapt to industry-specific changes.

Currently, competition between companies is increasing, and this is when bonus training breaks out for companies. To make a difference you have to train the employees.

Subsidized training, also named continuous or programmed training, allows companies to provide their workers with training courses. These are related to the activity of the company or job, so that their professional skills and competencies are updated or improved.


Subsidized training

FUNDAE was born with the aim of reinforcing the importance of training within companies, to adapt an increasing labor market where it is essential to anticipate the needs that your company may have.

Every company that cots for its workers in the General Social Security Scheme has a fee to finance the training of its employees. Both large companies, SMEs, associations, foundations or non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

This training is a free training for workers and has a cost of 0 euros to companies,since the amount of the training is rewardable in social security fees.

How do I proceed to benefit from Subsidized Training?

The company has to pay the invoice before the start of the course and the month following the completion of the course, the corresponding bonus may apply to the Social Security payment of that month.

Note: Self-employed and civil servants cannot benefit from this training.


workers rter

RTER and Subsidized training in companies

With extraordinary urgent measures to address the economic and social impact of COVID-19, many companies were directly or indirectly affected by the health crisis and applied for a Record of Temporary Employment Regulation (RTER) dossier.

Workers affected by an RTER may perform subsidized training. This is established by Article 5 of Royal Decree 694/2017 of July 3, which implements Law 30/2015 of 9 September regulating the Vocational Training System for Employment in the field of employment. This indicates that:

“Employees providing their services in undertakings or public entities not eligible for training agreements in public administrations and social security for vocational training, including discontinued fixed workers in non-occupation periods, as well as workers who enter unemployment when in training periods and workers affected by temporary contract suspension measures may participate for economic, technical, organisational or production reasons, during their periods of suspension of employment”, i.e. workers who have been affected by RTER.

For this reason, taking advantage of this difficult situation for a company, we recommend that you use this time to train your team, whether they are teleworking, or in RTER.


worker training

If you are a worker and want to do a training related to your job, you will need to select the training course and inform your company that you are interested in taking a reward course for workers, to authorize it.

If you are acompany, you must select the training action that you want your employees to take or advise you to choose which training best suits you.

If you want to start subsidized training for your company, you will only have to contact us.


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The Meeting Room that suits you

On several occasions we have talked about coworking and the benefits of working in a coworking like ours in Badalona,but today we will focus on our multipurpose space, the meeting room with capacity for 20 people. Let’s explain what it is and why it’s so interesting.

The room is located on the ground floor of our local Espai 114. Its open space is specially designed to offer different functions and adapt to changes and all kinds of needs.

Thanks to its large space, the interpersonal distance can be maintained correctly, thus respecting the security measures so necessary in this situation.


The possibilities of the Hall are many, so we call it our multipurpose room. We can use it to hold business meetings with all kinds of equipment. We have organized meetings in it, talks i has also been used to teach courses of all kinds of specialties. You can book it for events and even to celebrate afterworks after a long day.


meeting room


We do not forget to mention that the meeting room is equipped with projector, videoconferencing system, WiFi, coffee maker, catering service and all kinds of furniture to organize the event that you have in mind.

We give you the option to rent exclusively the space of La Sala, or rent all the available space, that is, the two floors of Espai 114. We adapt to your needs depending on the number of people or the type of event you plan to organize. We talk with you and agree on the option that best suits you.

Here you will find more information about La Sala and also a small form so you can let us know what you need and how we can help you.




In our last post we talked about flexiworking, its advantages and everything you should know about it. Click here if you if you are interested in informing yourself.


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How to prepare a meeting room

From Espai114 we can help you make your meetings run more smoothly and make it a success. In this post we will give you some tips so that it can be so, take the ones you need and adapt them to your meeting!



For this we must know what kind of meeting we will give: an informative one, formative meeting, to reach an agreement, commercial, close an agreement, creative or to generate ideas…

Depending on one type or another we will organize the Room in the most optimal way possible. In addition we will need to know the number of attendees to order the room more precisely and we will need to know what material is needed: computers, whiteboard, projector, speakers, etc.

  • If it’s a business meeting, closing agreement, etc. we can place an elongated table.
  • If this is a meeting in which to show a new product or service, track the organization, a training session… for these types of meetings the best thing is the classroom format. It would be best to use shovel chairs, with a good view of the person who reports and with room to take notes.
  • Whether it will be a speech or a briefing, or even a training, we can also opt for amphitheater format, in which the speaker is located in the center and can move to the screen where he projects and towards the attendees. Also as the attendees can see each other there is more interaction.



This is a point that depends entirely on the company that will present the meeting. It is very important for the conference to be a success within the set time and to develop with complete fluency.

Not in all types of meetings tis this needed, but in most of them we can send in the call for appointment the points to be discussed, who will expose them and the time that each will dedicate.


If it will be an important meeting such as a business meeting, closing the sale… other aspects of the room must be taken into account.



It is a point in favor if there is a reception where to welcome attendees. Better if you make it nice, bright and with some seats where to wait.


Office material and technical means

It is necessary to ensure that the room is equipped with the necessary technical means, such as plugs to connect the computer, projector, whiteboard, fiber internet, pointer, paper and pens to take notes,for each assistant, and better if they are with the corporate image, so that they remember our space and return.



The room must have an air conditioning system to make the attendees feel comfortable. It is necessary that there is a pleasant temperature, neither much cold nor much heat.


Catering or drinks

It is appreciated that there is something to eat so that the attendees can attend the 100% and not be hungry or thirsty.

A small catering can help attendees stay more relaxed and the meeting goes by without further distractions.

The right thing to do would be to set a timetable and people will know when breaks will be and whether there will be catering or not by the appointment call.

If the meeting won’t last all morning, it might be okay, for example, to make a small breakfast before you start. If it will be longer and it will be until noon it would be more convenient to pause in the middle of the meeting.

If we do not consider ordering a catering, we can offer drinks,such as fresh water, teas or coffees.



In Espai114 you can rent La Sala by hours to hold your meetings. We will prepare it with care and to your measure so that all your forces are focused on your company and customers.


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

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