Advance professionally with Linkedin

LinkedIn currently has 727.6 million active users. 43% of these users are women and the remaining 57% are men. Of these, 727.6 million people use LinkedIn daily.


Spain is in the seventh country with the most users in this social network with 14 million people. The country that ranks first is the United States, with 170 million users.


But what is Linkedln?


Linkedln is a platform that was founded in 2002 to put professionals in contact with other people or companies. The objective of this social network is not only to look for work but you can also find ideas, people with which to do business or promote your service, product or knowledge about a topic.



How does Linkedln work?

The first utility that Linkedin provides us is to use it as a repository for our personal curriculum. The first thing that asks us when we create a user is to fill in all the work, academic, competence and knowledge information we have. Linkedin itself guides us step by step to fill each of the sections in the best way, and tells us the level of precision of our CV according to the amount of information we have added.


We could say that the most important utility of this social network is the capacity and ease it gives us to connect with other professionals. The type of contacts and their professional relationship with us are what makes this network different from the rest.



Once we have our profile filled in and we have connected with colleagues, professionals or customers in our sector, the next step is to generate activity on the social network commenting and making publications.


In order for these publications to be useful and generate interest, they must be focused on the professional field: news about the sector, advances in research, job offers, personal opinions on some work environment, etc. They can contain text and can be combined with photos, videos, links or surveys and our contacts will be able to interact with it. Publications must provide some value.


This is the best network for networking since, in addition to being able to create and share content, it allows you to send and receive private messages that can help you find new customers, actively search for staff or create synergies with other professionals or companies.


On this platform you should avoid topics about your private life (that is why other social networks such as Facebook or Instagram are already available), since this is not the objective of this network.


We must use Linkedin to define our personal brand, so we must be clear about the knowledge we want to disseminate and set clear objectives.



If you’re interested in getting more features from your Linkedin account, you have the option to subscribe to different Premium plans at a monthly cost.


Here are the differences between your free account and Linkedin Premium plans:


– Find and reconnect with work colleagues and classmates.

– Request and provide recommendations.

– Search and visit the profiles of other LinkedIn users.

– Receive an unlimited number of private messages.

– Save up to three job searches and receive weekly alerts about these searches.


– Premium Career: it helps you to be hired and advance in your professional life.

– Navigator Rooms: it helps you generate potential customers and create your own clientele.

– Recruiter Lite: it helps you find and hire candidates.

– Premium Business: it helps you obtain detailed information about companies and further expand your business.

– LinkedIn Learning: it helps you improve your skills and learn new ones.


Using strategically all the tools and possibilities offered by Linkedin, we can achieve our professional goals.


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