Desconnecta del treball

Disconnect for holidays, to connect with you and your loved ones

holiday disconnection

Nowadays it is difficult to disconnect completely from our work and social networks for holidays , since we are constantly connected.

With the evolution and changes of communication, also counting on the means of organization and control in labour relations becomes even more difficult.

Time control through mobile applications, work from home, geolocation… it is some of the means that can make us feel that we have not just disconnected with work.

These are very important days for our physical and mental health.

Throughout the year we are so mechanized with our routines, that when it is really time for us to disconnect and rest to reconnect with ourselves and with the people around us and we want to share this free time, it is it makes it difficult to leave aside our employment relationship 100%.

That is why it is important also, before starting our holidays leave everything resolved and finished, to be able to leave quieter. For example, all the important and pending tasks that we have, or leave someone in our care to make sure that any unforeseen event will be covered.

family activities

For many people the total disconnection of the networks, also supposes a state of stress and anxiety, so the best way is to find a balance. Finding a way to reduce connection time can be a good way to get started.

Another way to get to a job disconnect is starting from the beginning. What do we mean by that? Well, we mean that the first few days you can afford not to make plans, or organize every day, since, stop, think, and relax can be a very good start!

Last but not least, doing things and activities that we don’t normally do, are a way to alter our daily routine, it’s a great way to make us disconnect and feel at ease with us and the people around us.


And if you have already enjoyed your holidays or you can even be on vacation or travelling and combine it with teleworking, we leave you this post on How to reconcile by working from home!


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