banys de bosc

Forest baths and their benefits for the company

In recent decades, the progressive urbanization of the societies in which we live has increased
many psychological diseases, such as anxiety, insomnia, stress or depression. The Big One
most of these are caused by the way we manage our work. For the same reason
it is so important to start practicing “forest baths”.

The term “forest baths” has been known for a long time, becoming a practice
validated by numerous studies that have made its benefits visible.

This therapy originated in Japan. Its meaning is to absorb the atmosphere of the forest.
Stroll through the forest, breathe fresh air and listen to the silence and tranquility.

It is not a simple excursion, but a meditative walk and a therapeutic activity
highly recommended. In addition, it has an important spiritual component that promotes communication
with nature.



It is interesting to see how each person interacts with the forest differently depending on the
his personality. Most people simply relax, but many others feel
gratitude towards the forest or a great interior cleansing. It is a wonderful and very beneficial way of
connect with nature and with oneself.

Forest Baths can also be done in groups and we can take advantage of them as a therapy for
improve the relationship of a work team.

There are some companies that have already put this group experience into practice, which
it usually lasts about 2-3 hours and in which a series of activities are carried out
customized to reach a state of calm and peace of mind that will help reduce levels
of stress, anxiety and improving the working environment.

Through this practice, team members will obtain different benefits: improvement of the
physical health, improved mental health, increased creativity and critical thinking, moving away from the
routine, enjoy a new experience and improve the management of emotions.



A very common question when we start reporting on the topic is: Where can I take a bath
forest? We recommend Musgo Baños de Bosque, a company dedicated to carrying out
these conscious dives into nature and help you learn this technique
well-being for you and also for your company.

Don’t think twice, improve your mental health and make the positive energy of nature enter into
contact with your interior.

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