For decades, the working day started at 9 am and ended at 5 pm with only a break at noon for lunch. Thanks to the pandemic we just went through, all that has changed. Workers have been able to organize their work autonomously and do it when they want.

This change has given rise to other new work models, including the “non-linear working day”. People who decide to do this modality can do the work outside the traditional block of hours.

By working asynchronously, that is, having different schedules than their colleagues, workers can complete tasks with great flexibility and spread throughout the day. What we achieve with this new method is that employees can adapt their work schedules to their personal lives, instead of the other way around.



If we look back a few years, we can see that “non-linear days” were not very well known. Instead, right now almost everyone has adopted a more flexible way of working and this makes the workers in a certain way
be much more productive.

It is clear that not all employers will give their workers this degree of freedom. But in the new world of work, “non-linear” days will have more prominence in some sectors.

According to experts, asynchronous work has countless advantages, as long as certain precautions are taken.

The first advantage of all is that greater flexibility often translates into greater productivity. Instead of concentrating for 8 hours straight, employees can break their day into blocks that better fit their routines and, in this way, have more control over time.



The second advantage is that the work focuses on the results and not on the activity that is carried out. This leads to workers having more control over their time and how they manage it. This methodology considerably reduces the risk of suffering exhaustion and stress.

In addition to all this, asynchronous work allows us to save time in commuting, perform administrative tasks in hours of low productivity, maximize and make better use of free time and save money by doing the
meals at home

Non-linear work will be our new future.

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