How to prepare a meeting room

From Espai114 we can help you make your meetings run more smoothly and make it a success. In this post we will give you some tips so that it can be so, take the ones you need and adapt them to your meeting!



For this we must know what kind of meeting we will give: an informative one, formative meeting, to reach an agreement, commercial, close an agreement, creative or to generate ideas…

Depending on one type or another we will organize the Room in the most optimal way possible. In addition we will need to know the number of attendees to order the room more precisely and we will need to know what material is needed: computers, whiteboard, projector, speakers, etc.

  • If it’s a business meeting, closing agreement, etc. we can place an elongated table.
  • If this is a meeting in which to show a new product or service, track the organization, a training session… for these types of meetings the best thing is the classroom format. It would be best to use shovel chairs, with a good view of the person who reports and with room to take notes.
  • Whether it will be a speech or a briefing, or even a training, we can also opt for amphitheater format, in which the speaker is located in the center and can move to the screen where he projects and towards the attendees. Also as the attendees can see each other there is more interaction.



This is a point that depends entirely on the company that will present the meeting. It is very important for the conference to be a success within the set time and to develop with complete fluency.

Not in all types of meetings tis this needed, but in most of them we can send in the call for appointment the points to be discussed, who will expose them and the time that each will dedicate.


If it will be an important meeting such as a business meeting, closing the sale… other aspects of the room must be taken into account.



It is a point in favor if there is a reception where to welcome attendees. Better if you make it nice, bright and with some seats where to wait.


Office material and technical means

It is necessary to ensure that the room is equipped with the necessary technical means, such as plugs to connect the computer, projector, whiteboard, fiber internet, pointer, paper and pens to take notes,for each assistant, and better if they are with the corporate image, so that they remember our space and return.



The room must have an air conditioning system to make the attendees feel comfortable. It is necessary that there is a pleasant temperature, neither much cold nor much heat.


Catering or drinks

It is appreciated that there is something to eat so that the attendees can attend the 100% and not be hungry or thirsty.

A small catering can help attendees stay more relaxed and the meeting goes by without further distractions.

The right thing to do would be to set a timetable and people will know when breaks will be and whether there will be catering or not by the appointment call.

If the meeting won’t last all morning, it might be okay, for example, to make a small breakfast before you start. If it will be longer and it will be until noon it would be more convenient to pause in the middle of the meeting.

If we do not consider ordering a catering, we can offer drinks,such as fresh water, teas or coffees.



In Espai114 you can rent La Sala by hours to hold your meetings. We will prepare it with care and to your measure so that all your forces are focused on your company and customers.


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