Mistakes entrepreneurs make

Starting a business is an adventure, and like all adventures, it involves certain risks. Some of these are avoidable, but others can be mistakes that throw your effort overboard.

In this blog we will talk about the most common mistakes that tend to be made, whether due to lack of experience, ignorance of the business environment or bad business decisions.

Starting a business often involves many more steps and obligations than we could have imagined before we started.

The first time we start we will encounter obstacles to overcome and it is common to make mistakes. The recommendation is not to despair or let fear take hold of us. Find out as much as you can before starting your project, ask friends or acquaintances who have already created a company for advice. Leaning on professionals will be of great help and will prevent you from many headaches.




A common mistake is ignorance of the market where we want to enter This is a very determining factor in the success or failure of your business. Jumping into an unknown market without analyzing the competition and customers is very dangerous and could kill our plans in a few months.




The next mistake that entrepreneurs make is the poor choice of partners. The fact of choosing wrongly who accompanies us in our project can end in absolute failure and even you having to give up your company.

It must be taken into account that knowing a person in a certain environment is not a guarantee that the relationship as partners will be successful. A great friend or trusted family member can be a bad professional, and vice versa.




Another mistake is not giving importance to our team. The safest way to choose your employees is to define the professional profile you want for each position in the company.

By investing a little more time and care in the selection process, you will avoid potential problems or inconveniences.

It is also a mistake when starting a business to leave aside the legal aspects and the procedures. Every company is subject to a large number of laws and regulations that regulate its operation. Knowing all these obligations is practically impossible for a single person. If the company does not have everything in order, it is exposed to fines and sanctions.

Again, we recommend leaving it in the hands of professionals who will help and guide you throughout the process.




The last mistake that entrepreneurs make is to bear very high fixed costs. The workforce, services, premises leases are some of the fixed costs we will have. Accounts must be made so that they do not exceed the income.

A good way to reduce the cost of location is, for example, to work in a coworking space. You’ll save while having access to everything you need.

Now that you know what the most common mistakes are when starting a business, are you ready to create your project?

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