Les 7 Habilitats més demandades per les empreses

The skills that companies demand the most

Do you want to know what skills companies most ask for?

The work and way of carrying it out has changed in recent years. Not only in the increase of teleworking but also in the skills that companies seek in their employees.



The IEBS Business School has shared the skills that companies most ask for in 2021, and we share them below.


  • Resilience

Be able to adapt to adverse situations and stay patient, strong and calm in a crisis environment. In addition, we must know how to recover from complicated situations in order to continue advancing towards the future. It is a process of competitiveness where the person must adapt positively to situations.

  • Critical Thinking

Being analytical and curious helps us solve problems in a better way.

  • Commitment

Be committed to the vision, values and objectives of the company. In this way we will be more motivated, focused, productive and will improve the quality of our work. It is a factor that makes employees get involved both with the work and with the objectives and values of the company.

  • Flexibility

Have sufficient flexibility to adapt to changes, use new tools and adopt and promote new ways of working.

  • Teamwork

It is very necessary to demonstrate our ability to collaborate with team members. This also facilitates the achievement of objectives, increases motivation and stimulates creativity.

  • Constant and independent learning

It is important to have the ability to learn new programs, technologies, systems and tools so that companies work and are constantly evolving.

  • Digital skills

It is currently very important to be proactive in increasing these skills. They facilitate new needs, allowing the development of a critical and active attitude towards technologies.


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