Maneres de trencar el gel en una videotrucada

Ways to break the ice in a video call

The pandemic has meant a before and after in the world of work. One of the most significant aspects is the acceleration of the digitization of companies. This has meant a reduction in costs thanks to teleworking, easier to work safely and less stress.

Some studies show that 80% of workers enjoy working at home more than in the office, claim to be less stressed and think they are more productive. This factor positively affects the company, since they are less costs and consumption of office supplies.

Working from home and meeting by video call has proven very useful for the daily management of tasks, since it saves us both costs and time (travel, materials, work trips…).


It is important to stay connected to colleagues/partners/clients in our working day and we must try to stay focused to be productive. Breaking the ice helps us, provides a good atmosphere, involves everyone and encourages comfort in the video call.


Here are some ways to break the ice in a video call:

  • The presentation is a good first step to break the ice.

Introduce yourself with your name, where you are, what your workplace is… Say everything that is interesting and important to everyone else. In addition, we must also take into account nonverbal communication, since it can convey the opposite of what you are saying. So be careful with that look. Try to maintain the correct posture and tone of voice, adequate clothing… As the communications expert Tessa Aparicio-Curreen states, it is very considerable to take into account the way we address the public.

  • Comment on a current affair.

It is easy and also a good way to break the ice. It is an opportunity to engage all participants and involve them all in the conversation.

  • Create teams.

You can divide the meeting (in the case of being a large group) and make them participate with each other or another option is to make the members participate in the chat.

In short, the most important thing is to create a good working climate at the meeting, since this will make people comfortable, the ice will break spontaneously and no dynamics will need to be done because it will come out alone.


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