Tips for the life of a freelancer

A freelancer is a person who is self-employed and is in charge of his own company offering services or products.


All the responsibility for the work activity falls on the same person and that often makes it difficult to have a work-life balance.


If you are self-employed, here are some tips that can help you:


1. Set clear objectives.

Mark the objectives you want to reach. These objectives must be specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound. This will lead us to set goals and sub-goals to follow day by day, in addition to guiding us and providing motivation.

2. Do not stop looking for opportunities.

Spend a few hours a week searching on work platforms. Even if you do not lack work, perform this search on a regular basis to stay informed of the state of your sector and, who knows, find a great opportunity for your company.

3. Collaborate with other freelancers.

Do not hesitate to join other freelancers in the same sector or complementary to yours. You can come together to share ideas, bigger projects… Plus, it’s a good way to know how other people work and learn from them.

4. Establish appropriate rates for your products/services.

It is necessary to have established rates and update them over time. Do not hesitate to find out about the prices of the competition in your field and consider what you can offer. Consider raising the price of your products/services if you have a higher volume of work than you can cover.

5. Impose a schedule and a vacation

Although being a freelancer is a very hard job, in which you have to work long hours even weekends, you have to force yourself to separate work from personal life. If you don’t, you may feel overwhelmed.


With these tips we hope to help you reconcile the life of self-employed with the personal.


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