How to Motivate the Work Team

How to motivate the work team?

A leader who guides his team contributes to trust among its members, knows how to act in difficult times and gets people to have autonomy and work with greater performance.

The motivation of the team is a fundamental factor for a group to work with the optimal resources and there are favorable results. The leader brings confidence and respect to achieve productive and efficient work.

Here are some tips to maximize your team’s motivation:


  • Reinforcement of motivation

The objective of this activity is to learn to keep your employees motivated and encourage them to share motivational tips with other team members. For example, make a video call with the work team where each one shares their knowledge, wisdom and experience to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals and goals.

  • Set goals

With the objectives you can encourage teamwork. It is a good exercise to carry out this task. You can ask what are the goals of each of the workers at the end of the session and then contrast with the rest.

  • Rewards


These help to promote a positive relationship both with the company and among workers. It’s a way of thanking the team and increasing motivation by showing gratitude.


  • Life stories

For this activity each worker must share a personal story with the whole team or in small teams. The worker or team wins with the most captivating story. To avoid intimate stories, these will have to be related to labor affairs.


  • Points in Common

They will have to try to find points in common with the team. They will have to be divided into smaller groups and list the things each group has in common. The group that has the most things in common wins. It will be necessary to help the group that fewer things in common have to discover more points in common.


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