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desconectar del trabajo

Disconnect from work on holiday

At last comes that moment of the year so desired by all, the…
Coliving y coworking

Coliving: Beyond coworking

The way we relate to our work evolves and increasingly does it…
Alquiler de local

Economic difference between rental location and business center

When we take the step to set up our business in a physical place…

Preventive measures for returning to the office

As the spanish saying goes, "mejor prevenir que curar" or "prevention…
coworking espai de treball compartit Badalona Espai114 centre de negocis business center

The benefits of working in our coworking in Badalona

Working in a coworking is booming. In cities such as Badalona,…
coworking espai treball negoci autònom

Coworking: the importance of a good workspace

Working in a coworking like the One of Espai114 in Badalona will…

Five key purposes to start the 2020

We are in February and you have not yet considered new purposes…

Multicultural coworking

One of the most notorious features of Coworking is the diversity…
coworking Badalona Espai114 centre de negocis business center

Networking for the success of your business

Anglicism "networking" is a well-known veteran in the business…
espai coworking

Cohabitation in a Coworking space

Many freelancers and entrepreneurs need a space to work, but…



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