Holidays: how to disconnect from work

As every year, the arrival of the holidays is an opportunity to disconnect from daily working life.


Although this time of year is in itself a break for most, there are people unable to completely disconnect. This difficulty is given because they cannot break the dynamics of stress and alertness in which they find themselves in their work day.


In order to completely disconnect from routine and reconcile work and personal life during these holidays, we give you 3 fundamental and effective tips:


1 . Leave work planned: Some people suffer from anxiety about tasks they have left unfinished before the holidays or simply feel anxious about what they will do when they return to work. To avoid worries, we can make a brief plan of the tasks that we will have to do on the way back, so that we can put ourselves in context when the time comes.


2 . Isolate yourself from technologies: Electronic devices can cause you physical discomfort, such as headaches or redness of the eyes. Take advantage of these days to feel in your best physical condition, rest and have energy to enjoy the summer plains. Also, if you work with technology, letting your eyes rest from screens will be beneficial.


3 . Spend time with family and friends: The people we love are a source of therapy for us. Spending quality time with loved ones, such as family and friends, helps us mentally disconnect from work and encourages us during the holidays. There is nothing like making plans or going out to enjoy fun activities during the summer in good company.

Remember that rest and disconnection are important to recharge energy and fully enjoy your holidays. Don’t worry about work during this time and allow yourself to relax and enjoy every moment. Happy holidays!


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