The Meeting Room that suits you

On several occasions we have talked about coworking and the benefits of working in a coworking like ours in Badalona,but today we will focus on our multipurpose space, the meeting room with capacity for 20 people. Let’s explain what it is and why it’s so interesting.

The room is located on the ground floor of our local Espai 114. Its open space is specially designed to offer different functions and adapt to changes and all kinds of needs.

Thanks to its large space, the interpersonal distance can be maintained correctly, thus respecting the security measures so necessary in this situation.


The possibilities of the Hall are many, so we call it our multipurpose room. We can use it to hold business meetings with all kinds of equipment. We have organized meetings in it, talks i has also been used to teach courses of all kinds of specialties. You can book it for events and even to celebrate afterworks after a long day.


meeting room


We do not forget to mention that the meeting room is equipped with projector, videoconferencing system, WiFi, coffee maker, catering service and all kinds of furniture to organize the event that you have in mind.

We give you the option to rent exclusively the space of La Sala, or rent all the available space, that is, the two floors of Espai 114. We adapt to your needs depending on the number of people or the type of event you plan to organize. We talk with you and agree on the option that best suits you.

Here you will find more information about La Sala and also a small form so you can let us know what you need and how we can help you.




In our last post we talked about flexiworking, its advantages and everything you should know about it. Click here if you if you are interested in informing yourself.


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