What is a Business Center

In case you still don’t know for sure what a Business Center is, today we’re going to explain it to you.

A Business Center is a place that offers private workspaces and complementary services for companies, so that they can carry out their professional activity successfully.

It is a work center where companies from different sectors coexist.


Save time and money

Business Centers offer more flexible terms than traditional offices. With a single payment of the rent of the space, the company does not have to think about anything else, the center takes care of the rest: air conditioning costs, supplies, cleaning, maintenance, reception… You can see the comparison between renting a traditional office and renting a space in a business center in this old post.


In addition, companies can outsource tasks, saving time. Business centers have services such as mail reception, parcels, reception of visits, courier, secretarial, etc.


business center room meetings

Flexibility and workspaces

In our space you have availability of your office or coworking 24 hours a day and every day of the year.

In addition to the flexibility regarding the adaptation and evolution of your work. You can move from a coworking table to a private office or simply have your company domiciled at our address. In addition, you have a multipurpose room for hours to meet with your workers or customers.

You can decide the type of space and time you need it.



Key location, in our case in the center of Badalona, so that companies project a more professional image and thus provide greater visibility to their business and a good communication. This will make your image look favored.



This Business Center, at the same time, is a business consultancy. Lladó Grup Consultor is a consolidated consultancy, which was created in 1955, has other differentiated facilities and is located a few blocks from our space. Here you can receive labor, tax and legal advice without having to hire this service in another consultan advice outside your office.


secure business center

Secure business center

This 2021 will continue to be marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies must adapt quickly to changes and secure their workers’ space. That’s why business workers are coming here to work remotely. We seek the safety of our customers, with protection systems between them and health measures.




Private offices

Business domiciliation

Meeting room

Financial solutions


Continuous formation


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

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Order your workplace with Marie Kondo

Tidy up your workplace, both what it’s seen it and what doesn’t. Marie Kondo can talk to us about organization. In case you don’t know her, Marie Kondois an expert organizer, a large entrepreneur and considered in 2015 to be one of the 100 most influential people in the world by the Time magazine. Well, he’s written a new book, “Joy at work”. This one will try to help us get more out of our businesses, waste less time, lead our teams better and enjoy our workday. At least, interesting, right?

The benefits of organizing actually go far beyond the domestic realm and are easily applicable to our professional life. Marie’s advice will help us optimize our time, be efficient, and focus on the most important tasks. Limit the number of unnecessary meetings that you could solve with a simple email. Learn to prioritize.


marie kondo

The order expert explains that searching for lost items averages one work week per year and employee. Within four years, that reaches a full month. In the United States alone, this loss of productivity would be $8.9 billion annually. Another example is a survey of workers in the US and the UK, about the loss of productivity for forgetting passwords that reaches at least $420 per employee annually. In a company of about 25 people, that equates to more than $10,000 a year.

Thus seen, the effects of disorder are devastating but, according to Kondo, there is no need to worry. Organizing is the solution. And here are the tips to keep your workplace organized:


sort desk

1. Organize both physical workspace and non-physical aspects including time, decision making, team management, meetings and social media.

In a survey of a thousand active American adults, 90% felt that disorder had a negative impact on their lives. Low productivity, a negative mindset, little motivation and little happiness. It is important to maintain a well-orderedworkspace, whether inthe office, coworking or working from home, as we spend many hours at work.

Among some of Marie’s tips for maintaining order at work, one of them is assigning a specific place for each thing, seeking maximum simplicity, and not dispersing storage spaces.


2. Choose only what awakens our joy.

If we ask ourselves ‘does this bring me joy?’ we discover what is really important to us. It has been shown that ordering the workplace improves performance and consequently increases the joy we get from our work.

When you get rid of all the unnecessary and have a well-ordered workspace, you’ll see your energy renewed.



3. Avoid excesses.

When we are inundated with things, information and tasks, our brains get overwhelmed and we lose our sense of control and the ability to choose. We are no longer able to take the initiative or choose our actions, we forget that work is a means to realize our dreams and aspirations and we lose our love for our work.


4. Embrace minimalism

In relation to the previous point, excess belongings are often friends with disorder and chaos. Remember the premise of “less is more” to apply it to all areas of your life. Stop accumulating the tickets and invoices you save just in case, delete old emails and throw away everything you no longer need. Here you have a Netflix series about Minimalism.


sort your workplace

5. Take breaks.

From time to time you have to stop and perform some muscle stretches. And let’s not forget to let the email rest too.


Remember: sort your workplace to keep your mind and ideas neat.

We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai 114 we are a team; we want to inspire you and accompany you.



Advantages of flexiworking


The socio-labor reality has changed in the last decade and this year, 2020, the change has been radical.

Companies have adapted and changed their approach to valuing their workers. Efficiency is now more important than your workplace presence.

There are always resolute and organized people who in three hours can do the work that another colleague would do in five. And, for this reason, the concept of flexiworkingor flexible work was born.

This concept gives importance to the well done job, where do not matter programs or fixed offices and it is possible to work remotely or choose which days to work. Days off, vacations, schedules, and even the workplace are likely to adapt to the worker’s needswithin a more or lesser area.

Banco Santander implemented this practice in 2019.




flexiworking performance



The worker can take advantage of his most energy-efficient hours to meet his work obligations. Studies conclude that working from home increases productivity by 15%.



Workers feel the company trusts them. Your happiness and well-being increase as the bond with your company grows stronger.

This motivation makes your performance and effort greater and, as a result, increases productivity.


flexiworking savings
Reducing expenses

Companies that have part of the workforce teleworking may consider reducing their fixed costs. In addition, workers also reduce expenses, as they can save on commuting.



Job flexibility allows to respond to the demanded conciliation between working life and personal and family life. Choosing working hours, adapting rest times to personal needs, and being able to work from home represent a significant reduction in stressin workers.


flexiworking adaptation
More adaptation

Technology and Internet enable connection to work anytime, anywhere in the world, opening up a huge range of possibilities for the worker that translates into high levels of well-being and quality of life.

The worker can work from coworking spaces surrounded by people outside his company and take advantage of it to create synergies with them.

From Espai 114 we adapt to your teleworking needs and time flexibility, we are available for you and your company 24/7, every day of the year.


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai 114 together we are a team; we want to inspire you and accompany you.


Disconnect from work on holiday

At last comes that moment of the year so desired by all, the holidays,in which you expect to find absolute tranquility and enjoy to the maximum with the people of your environment and disconnect from work.

But according to a survey by Adecco on the disconnection of work on vacation, 39.3% of the population in our country does not succeed.

If you are one of them and, wherever you are, you pick up the phone or answer emails and in the end you can not disconnect, this text interests you.

Holidays are increasingly necessary for our health, both physical and mental. Today we live in a world where stress is the norm, running from side to side and with our heads in a thousand matters. Therefore, a few weeks of relaxation are totally deserved.


work on holiday

Here are four tips for disconnecting 100%.


  1. Finish it all before you start the holiday

Maybe the days before you go on vacation, you just think about it. But performing to the max until the last day and not leaving any jobs half-baked, is the best option. That will make you get your mind blank and disconnect from work during your weeks off .


  1. Goodbye to email

Not replying to an email is very difficult for the most of us. We feel bad or we think “it costs me nothing and it takes only 1 minute”. This is true, but we are all aware that the inbox is always full, so a minute multiplied by 20 mails or more, makes your mind remain in the office a good part of the day.


  1. Change your habits

All year round, you wake up at the same time and do exactly the same routine. Your mind will do well to change schedules, to do unusual things. Take care of yourself and buy yourself some whim.


  1. Sharing is living

This much-heard phrase is the key to our disconnection goal. Sharing time with our loved ones and with friends we don’t have the opportunity to see frequently is crucial to de-stressing ourselves. If we feel like it, we can have a few days for ourselves, but it is very important to strengthen our friendships and enjoy building unique memories that will make us forget the work.


disconnect from work


If, unfortunately, this summer you can not afford to stop working or if you have already finished your vacation, we recommend you read this post about the benefits of working in a coworking in summer.


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

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Coliving: Beyond coworking

The way we relate to our work evolves and increasingly does it faster. To describe these changes, day by day new concepts are created that help us define them. The last concept to reach working world is called coliving. Closely related to coworkingand following the same line, it seeks to live together and share spaces for both work and social life.


This new residential phenomenon, which comes from Silicon Valley,has already begun to develop in our country. The environment for the creation of this new model of life was generated by bringing together two situations in the same enclave: a great shortage of available housing and a multiplication of the arrival of young professionals.



What is coliving?

It works much like the well-known coworking,but extends beyond the work environment. They are properly equipped and converted homes to provide a comfortable working environment and that, at the same time, offer all the comforts (or more) of a traditional home.


These houses are shared by young professionals who are usually specialized in the same sector. This generates feedback between your work and vital experiences, in a similar way to what happens in coworking.


Thus, people who live in the same coliving become co-workers, leisure and home mates.



In these houses you can find all kinds of common areas of a regular home, such as kitchen, dining room and bathroom, and everything necessary for a full social life,such as leisure areas, swimming pool, etc. In addition, and most importantly, they are equipped with an area for working life,where everything necessary to develop the activity while interacting and interacting with other professionals is available.


Coliving is an interesting option to consider if you are looking for affordable housing while you need a workspace and are open to sharing and interacting with other colleagues.


On the other hand, if what you need is only a place in which to develop your activity, equipped with all the necessary equipment and also with the possibility of networking, your ideal choice is coworking. You can find out about our coworking space here.



We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai114 together we are a team; We want to inspire you and accompany you.

Economic difference between rental location and business center

When we take the step to set up our business in a physical place we can opt for several options. The first one that comes to mind is a conventional rental venue. But what if you settle into your own office inside a business center?


Here are some reasons to choose one or the other.

Between the traditional option and the option of office in a business center, both possibilities could be good, but you have to know the flexibility and alternatives offered by a business center like ours.


What advantages we have in a rental location

Hiring a conventional rental has its advantages. You will have more tranquility and autonomy, since in a business center the common areas are shared and there will almost always be entrepreneurs working in them. This can be an advantage… or not. We like the synergies that are generated between our customers.

On the other hand, the location of the place will be chosen by you, according to the demand of the area where you are looking, although the business centers are usually very well located.

The space can be conditioned from scratch, to your liking and distribute it in the way that is most comfortable for you.

Another interesting topic to consider is the type of contract and what it entails. It will be a long-term contract, not very flexible. This is an increase in spending, because if you need to change space earlier than stipulated, you will have to pay a “sanction”.

Espai 114 offices rental location

What we can find in a business center

The type of contract we offer is very flexible. 1 month contract, with extensions also monthly and cancelable with a notice of 15 days and without penalty. And only a month’s bail! That gives you unparalleled freedom.

If your business goes into a sudden crisis, you’ll have enough margin to abandon a flexible infrastructure. Conversely, if your business grows and thrives, you’ll be able to face changes quickly and immediately.

In a business center you will find offices, coworking space, multipurpose meeting rooms,video conference or direct debit services of companies… even a receiving point for customers, courier and parcel or phone service.

In addition there are business centers, such as Espai 114,which apart from all the above offers you added value, a plus of customization, design, a perfect location in the center of Badalona, business consulting service and maintaining networking with other companies of different nationalities and sectors…


What we win, what we save

The initial investment for a traditional rental location is very high compared to that of a business center office. Let’s see why:

Hiring a rental office in a business center will save us bills,such as those of water supplies, electricity, internet… Also services such as cleaning, security and even we will have essential furniture included.

Instead, in a rental location we should register supplies, hire them and also keep an eye on bills. We would also have to condition it with the relevant furniture and hire all those services that are necessary.

save on a rental location with business center


In the following table we will show you the basic expenses that every business has each month and how they are reflected in the rental of a conventional premises and in the rental of an office in a business center, in this case ours, Espai 114:


In addition, we will save the time involved in seeking and hiring these services individually, the monthly expense and we will forget everything that distracts us from our main activity. We will have everything included in a single monthly fee.


Rental offices in Espai 114

In our business center we have offices for 2 and 4 people. For example, the offices for 2 people have two tables with their drawers, 2 work chairs and 2 wardrobes. In addition we have mineral water source and air conditioning with private heat pump and other services that will facilitate the work such as high speed fiber optic, monthly hours included in meeting room, printing service, etc. And so that we don’t have to think about anything else, cleaning service and insurance of personal items.

Each office has a private internet network, a specific and exclusive wiring, which increases the privacy and security of the data that each client handles in their day to day.

One thing to keep in mind of our space is that it is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you hire with us your office you can domiciliate up to 3 companies in our address at Calle Francesc Layret 114, 08911 Badalona.


Local rent business center

Each of us knows what is best for their business, we give you some key. Contact us and we will attend you professionally.

In an upcoming post in this blog we will talk about the cost of setting up a business.


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai114 we are a team; We want to inspire you and accompany you.


Preventive measures for returning to the office

As the spanish saying goes, “mejor prevenir que curar” or “prevention is better than cure”. In the current situation, we should take this phrase as a maxim as the best way to avoid COVID-19 infection is to take preventive measures.

Below are some recommendations to maximize safety during the course of our activity. In addition on our Lladó page we leave attached the official document.


  1. Starting from the beginning, on the way to the workplace, we must avoid as far as possible the use of public transport, in which agglomerations usually occur, especially during peak hours.
  2. If you are the owner of the company, you should allow the flexibility of worker’s schedules, to reduce the interaction and contact between them, and also to avoid the peak hours of travel in the city. In the case of our coworking we have the maximum flexibility 24/7 so that you can adapt your schedule as you need.
  3. Consciously inform and add signage in the office that will help employees remember safety and prevention measures such as: constant hand hygiene, how to handle coughs and sneezes or the correct use of the mask.
  4. Make water and soap, disinfectants, tissues accesible to the workers.
  5. Maintain the distance between people of at least 1.5 meters and assess the possibility of putting protective screens between workers.
  6. Report the importance of not going to the work center in case of mild cough or tenths of fever and communicate-it so that you can put the co-workers on alert.
  7. Surfaces such as work tables, keyboards and mouse computers, tablet screens, counters, door knobs or drawer, microwave or refrigerator handles should be cleaned and disinfected frequently.


By taking these measures as a precaution in our return to the workplace, whether a coworking or an office, we will be minimizing the chances of exposure to the virus and thus minimizing SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus contagion.


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai114 we are a team; We want to inspire you and accompany you.



The benefits of working in our coworking in Badalona

Working in a coworking is booming. In cities such as Badalona, with a very high rental prices, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have a space of your own. But, with this new system on trend, getting a space to develop your activity will be much more affordable and, in addition, with many benefits.

Do you want to know 6 benefits of working in our coworking? Keep reading!

  • Comfort and concentration.

coworking espai de treball compartit Badalona Espai114 centre de business centre

Professional spaces help you organize your work and social life by creating a separation between them and increasing work efficiency in addition to your comfort and well-being. In our space you will find all the comforts you need and also the isolation you need to concentrate.

  • The location.

Badalona Espai114 business center

The location of your business is very important. Developing your activity from home involves many problems beyond work. For this reason, Espai114 is located in the center of Badalona, 10 minutes walk from public transport, bus lines, metro and train.

  • Networking.

In a coworking full of professionals your contact network will increase exponentially. In addition, you will socialize and that will help you maintain a better work environment. In our coworking you will find professionals from different sectors with which you can create beneficial synergies.

  • Updates.

Our coworking space promotes creativity. Innovation and information sharing among professionals help you stay up to date and informed.

  • Brand image.

The modern, formal, professional, technologically equipped and aesthetically designed space of our coworking will help your company improve its image in the face of customers or suppliers. In addition, in Espai114,we offer you a large multifunctional room where you can hold meetings or events.

  • Create your own schedule.

Our coworking is open 24h/7 days a week, so you will have a flexible schedule adapted to your needs.


Once you’ve analyzed all the advantages, do you dare to join our coworking and give your company the push it needs? Improve your working life and facilitate your social life, with a perfect workspace with the best facilities.

We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai114 together we form a team; We want to inspire you and accompany you.


Coworking: the importance of a good workspace

Working in a coworking like the One of Espai114 in Badalona will provide you with all the comforts that we detail below.

Just because you work easily, with a computer on a table, doesn’t mean that what surrounds you doesn’t matter. The days can get a little long, because we spend a lot of time in our jobs. It’s important to be able to be in a nice space. Working in a good environment can increase our performance and improve our concentration. Here you can see the 8 advantages of working in a coworking.

How do you make a perfect space for your job?

coworking Badalona Espai114 business center

Organization and design

Even if you’re a couple of hours focused on your computer screen without raising your head, working in a tidy workspace can be the difference between being more or less productive. Each person has his tastes when it comes to organizing, but we all agree that a good space must have a clean design, that the elements are in harmony with the environment, the furniture must be properly distributed, etc.


coworking espai de treball compartit Badalona Espai114 centre de business centre
Natural light

Lighting is a fundamental factor for a workspace. Working in a space with natural light can also make us more productive and better relate to our peers. Poor lighting can have effects on problem-solving ability or cause eye fatigue, it can even affect our motivation. Without a doubt, natural light is indispensable to create a natural and pleasant environment. Espai114 Coworking is at street level and the place is glazed, so we have very good lighting.


Els millors serveis. meeting room Badalona Espai114 business center


We want our coworkers to have a pleasant workspace and also have the facilities they need. A good temperature is key when it comes to working, and it is not the same to be in a place where we spend excessive heat or cold, to work in an environment with the ideal temperature, so an effective air conditioning system can not be missed. And the same thing happens in a meeting room, that is why in Espai114 we have air conditioning, both in the Coworking space, as in the offices and meeting room, which also has a projector, coffee machine and water. Also in the Coworking space there is a printer, microwave and a small refrigerator to make life a little easier to our coworkers.

Without a doubt, the decoration, natural light and the right accessories play a great role in creating a good working environment, where we feel at ease and can be productive. In Espai114 we meet these points, do you also have a workspace like ours?


We are the Business Center of Badalona, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai114 together we are a team; we want to inspire you and accompany you.

Five key purposes to start the 2020

We are in February and you have not yet considered new purposes at the beginning of the new decade? We are here to help you.

It is 2020, a rounded year, great to raise new goals to help us achieve success! To do this, it is important to be motivated, have attitude and patience, as we can not achieve all in the short term.

From Espai114 we believe that having a few established purposes can be a help to improve as a work team. So we leave a series of proposals that you can apply this 2020 to reach the success of your company:

1. Pooling. After each working day, where different situations and issues arise, it is good to do an analysis. The best way to do this is to bring together the team the last 10 minutes and to share all the incidents that may have arisen to draw solutions or conclusions and thus establish a plan of action if they come back or take steps to avoid them.


2. Active breaks. It is true that to work well you must be eager and motivated, but we must also have energy. The performance of a worker depends very much on their mood and their physical state. It is important and necessary to make a series of breaks during working hours. Putting ourselves in situation, if the worker has spent several hours sitting in front of the computer, it would be advisable to make a 5-minute exercise routine to activate the movement of the legs, fingers and eyesight, for example, since they will have been the more used body parts. Here we leave you some examples.


3. Group objectives. We know it’s important to set goals correctly to fulfill them, but it is even better to be all satisfied during this process. Creating common goals for the whole team, we can get members to help each other and not have misunderstandings or other uncomfortable situations created by rivalry. This way we will achieve a more comfortable work environment.


4. Afterwork. The relationship that is created between workers during working hours in the company is not the same as in leisure situations with friends. Usually, discussion issues that emerge do not create a great bond between workers. A great purpose can be doing afterworks every month or a few times a year; meeting with all the colleagues in a different space than the office. For example, our Espai114 Room is perfect to carry out this meetings and to carry out different activities to disconnect from the work and to create a good climate among colleagues.


5. Coworking. If you are self-employed and working from home, you will know that sometimes it is difficult to organize a specific timetable to focus on the work and, if achieved, often unexpected distractions emerge that make it very difficult to focus completely on what we are doing. The easiest and most effective way to solve this is to work in a coworking space. These types of spaces provide you with all the comforts you need to develop your work along with a common working environment that helps you to concentrate on your projects.

We could expand the list with many other purposes for this year 2020, but we believe that these are targets for increasing workers wellbeing that will help you improve your company’s performance.

We are the Badalona’s Business Center, to give visibility and possibilities to your business.

In Espai 114 together we are a team; we want to inspire and accompany you.